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May 14th, 2009
Big Feet and Socks

My name is Shelley Munro and I have big feet. Over the years I’ve become used to my big feet–after all, I’m atached to them. I’ve found a great shoe shop that caters for women with big feet. It’s all good, or so you’d think. My problem comes with socks.

My husband keeps stealing my socks. Last year I had lots of socks, but suddenly I have none. My husband has stolen them to wear to work. Once he gets his hands on them, I don’t want them back. If you saw the state of his socks and overalls you’d agree with me!

If I had smaller feet, I could buy pretty pink or lemon socks, ones in lovely pastel colors. I bet hubby wouldn’t steal those. Instead I have to buy socks from the men’s department where I end up with navy blue, white or black socks. These my husband steals. Today I purchased three pairs of socks in shades of green and brown. At least those will stand out in the wash, and I have a hope of getting them back. At the moment hubby grabs every blue and black sock he sees, they land up in his sock drawer and that’s it! I never see them again.

If this new strategy doesn’t work, I’m going to break out my embroidery cottons and sew decorative bands on the top of my socks. We’ll see how hubby likes black socks with hot pink embroidery!

What color socks do you have? Does anyone else have a sock-stealing husband? Does anyone know what happens to the lone socks that go off adventuring in the washing machine or drier, never to be seen again?

14 comments to “Big Feet and Socks”

  1. ZOMG! Someone i can share shoes with!!!
    i’m pretty sure the missing socks have been kidnapped and enslaved as sock puppets.
    That, or the person in my parallel dimension keeps opening her dryer and finding an extra sock every laundry day.

    my socks match my wardrobe…black. :P
    i did go a little wild recently and got some with red, black and white racing stripes.

  2. It was The Sock Fairy that carried them to my sock drawer!!

  3. I think a little hot pink lace or embroidery should do the trick:)

  4. Hey Shelley,

    My hubby steals my white socks nothing else. The lone sock goes into that big black hole somewhere never to be seen again. LOL Have a great day.

  5. ‘It was The Sock Fairy’ – LOL!!

    Shelley, I’m having an art show today over at my place. My sister-in-law’s paintings.

  6. I don’t have big feet, but being the only woman in the house, if I buy any sock that’s black, brown, dark blue, or white, I’ll never see it again. Mystery is even though I buy obviously girly socks (bright pink, ones with flowers on them, whatever) after one wearing, one of them still manages to disappear. I have a drawer full of single girly socks. Where do the others go? I haven’t a clue.

    And I was going to suggest you embroider something girly on yours … give it a try and see if you end up with a drawerful of single embroidered socks.

  7. I love weird socks. Wild colors, crazy designs. Since they are usually hidden under long pants it’s neat to show a hint of zany.

    Plus, even if hubby and I wore the same size, he’d never wore them.

  8. LOL — I’d love to see the hot pink outlining your socks. Men don’t always steal socks esp. if the socks are hot pink or fancy with lace! but as to the mystery of a disappearing sock in the washer, well it will have to remain a mystery because it happens to me too!

    My friend has large feet, but I don’t know if her hubby steals her socks.

  9. Lakota – it’s a pity there’s an ocean between us. I could steal your socks!

    Jeesh – Mr. Munro! That’s a big, fat, fib! :roll:

  10. I’ve just realized it should be a TT post today. I’ve lost a day this week. I was thinking it was Thursday today when it’s really Friday in NZ. I had my topic all picked out too. Never mind. At least I don’t have to think too hard for next week…

    Sandra – yes, I think his workmates would tease him about pink embroidered socks!

  11. Roberta – I need to find that black hole! I could do with some more socks.

    Julia – I’ve visited. Your SIL is very talented.

    Leah – it’s a conspiracy!!

    Maria – when you have big feet you can’t get all those pretty socks. They’re too small and fall down. Nothing worse than socks that slip down.

  12. Kaye – I’m glad I’m not the only one who loses socks in that big black hole…

  13. Ok, Shelley, I’m your thirteen comment for this post AND it’s Thursday. You did it. :cool:

    I’m feeling awful guilty. I steal hubby’s socks. He wears the big thick wool socks with his boots, and with wood floors it is always cold, so I slip his over my pink socks. :blush:

  14. Aww Shelley, I have the opposite problem! I steal my 9 year old son’s socks! :lol: Mr. C’s socks are thigh highs on me. hehe

    I bet the lace would work like a charm. But then again, if they are tucked inside boots, maybe not. hehe