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I Like Leopards, I Cannot Lie

I love feline shifters. There’s just something graceful and powerful about big cats that makes them excellent heroes and heroines. Leopards are my favorites when it comes to big cats, and I’ve written over a dozen romances featuring them, although occasionally I’ve...

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The Coffice and Alien Cats

Freesias in our garden Today I’m out visiting on the web. I’m making a stop at the RWA chapter Contemporary Romance Writers where I tell all about my coffice. My second stop is with author Lynda Hilburn where I discuss alien cats.

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Sightseeing on the Web

I’ve packed my virtual bag and gone for a holiday. Today I have three stops. At Author Missy Jane’s blog, I’m talking about leopards, which are one of my favorite big cats. I might also mention my husband in this post. I’m also visiting author Vicky Burkholder where I...

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