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Once in a Blue Moon #freebook #IARTG #paranormal

When I wrote the first book in my Dragon Investigators series, the subject of the moon came up—at least for the hero. The moon plays a part in the hero’s life that creates huge problems. A blue moon doubles the stress. It seemed obvious, then, for me to use the moon...

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Moon Called – Facts and Superstitions About the Moon

The moon is fascinating—at least I find it interesting. There is nothing more romantic than a walk under a cloudless sky with a full moon. Facts about the moon: The moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite. The moon is 384,403 kilometers from the Earth. It takes the...

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Moon Crazy

Hubby and I have been taking a lot of photos with our new camera. Here is a selection of moon shots. It’s amazing seeing the craters so clearly. This is the moon as we saw it from our back yard with no magnification. A little zoom and the shadows and craters are more...

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Man in the Moon

Edits have kept me busy for the last week. I’ve completed those now, but writing stuff continues to take up my free time—my self-imposed deadlines before I head off to Singapore. We’re officially on summer time in New Zealand now and losing one hour has kicked my butt...

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