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NJ Walters

The Love of Reading

This photo was taken during our river cruise from Central Sydney to Parramatta. We don’t have pelicans in New Zealand, so we always snap a photo when we see one. They’re such curious looking birds. Today I’m visiting NJ Walters, and I’m getting back to basics. I...

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Thirteen Things About Grapefruit

Firstly, I’m visiting NJ Walters’ blog today, where I talk about love and friendship. There’s also a giveaway. My topic today was inspired by my new body butter, which smells like pink grapefruit. Thirteen Things About Grapefruit 1. The grapefruit is a cross between...

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Writer Tip: NJ Walters

"Revision is your friend. Nobody writes a perfect first draft. It's in the rewrites where you turn an ordinary story into something special. Don't be so in love with your words that you're afraid to cut them. If they don't serve the story, they have to go. It doesn't...

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Best Romances of 2009

It’s the time of the year where everywhere looks back and thinks of their favorite and sometimes least favorite things for the year. I thought I’d list my top romance reads for both print and e-books. NOTE: Most of the above books came out in 2009, but a few of these...

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A Contemporary Read

Thirteen Contemporary Romances I've Read Recently I'm going through a contemporary blitz at the moment and thought I'd share what I've been reading. I enjoyed all the following books but have noted my extra favorites. I'm also after some sympathy. I did a header over...

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