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Operation Flower Petal

Meet the Delphinium

Delphinium or larkspur, as they’re sometimes known in the United Kingdom is a perennial plant native to the Northern hemisphere. Their name comes from the Greek word Delphin, which means dolphin. It’s said that the flowers are the shape of a dolphin. During Tudor...

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The History of Confetti

It’s thought that the throwing of confetti started in Greek times when locals would shower athletes and those getting married with flowers and leaves. It was a unique way of sprinkling people with love and excitement and made for a brilliant spectacle. But it was the...

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Cover Reveal: Operation Flower Petal

  Military Men #6 Release date: 25th February 2021   Hero: Matt Townsend – Ex NZSAS soldier and currently training soldiers. Heroine: Adelaide Buckingham, known as Ada. Farmer and flower grower. He falls for her… literally.   The blurb: Since her...

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