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World Travel and a Takeover

Shelley is a little busy and I have offered to blog today. Be patient, I’m a virgin blogger. Recently I’ve been scanning our old print travel photos to digital. Trying to condense them as well, since there are thousands. A very time consuming but rewarding exercise....

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Snorkeling with Sharks and Stingrays in Moorea

I interviewed Mr. Munro this week about his recent experience snorkeling with sharks and stingrays. What made you decide to snorkel with stingrays and sharks? Moorea is a small but beautiful island. We could either explore the island or do some sort of water activity....

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Helmet Dive in Bora Bora

This week I thought I'd combine my Camera Critters photo with a story about our visit to Bora Bora. Helmet Diving in Bora Bora by Shelley Munro One of the fun parts of travel is the planning of a holiday. There’s the research, both online and in books, the...

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Catch of the Day

We saw these fish at a stall in Bora Bora. I don't suppose these tuna are exactly happy fish, but they were certainly eye catching. To see other animal photos visit Camera Critters.

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Back From Holiday

I'm back! The Pacific cruise was wonderful--relaxing, full of new experiences and fun times. Quite frankly, I don't think I'm ready to face the real world again. In the real world I have to cook, do dishes and make my own bed. Hubby had to drag me onto the plane to...

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