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writing advice

To Plot or Not to Plot

By the time I decided I wanted to write, I’d read romances for years and had unconsciously absorbed a lot about story structure and characterization. It never occurred to me to plot. I knew what I wanted to write and sat down and pounded out that sucker. After a...

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Tips for Aspiring Authors: What do I write about?

If you’ve followed my advice about reading many books, you probably know what genre you want to write or at least have worked out the genres you enjoy most. Here is a post on choosing your next writing project and another post with suggestions on what to write. Some...

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Tip For Aspiring Authors: Use Your Brain

This advice isn’t solely for aspiring authors but is excellent advice for everyone. If you join an online group, asking questions is usually fine. Other writers/group members are generous with advice and suggestions. They’re helpful and open to sharing their...

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Thirteen Ways I Learned to Write About Sex

I’m thrilled to welcome Marian Perera, a fellow Samhain Publishing author. She’s celebrating the release of her paranormal fantasy romance, The Highest Tide and has a fun post about sex. Thirteen ways I learned to write about sex Thanks for hosting me, Shelley! I like...

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Thirteen Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Writers

I’ve been in a writing mood recently, which is great from my point of view. Today, I wrote “the end” on my current work in progress. Since my mind is in the groove, I thought I’d give some advice to aspiring authors. 1. Sit down and write every day. Make writing into...

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Writing Tips

This month I'm bringing you a series of writing tips from some of my favorite authors. There will also be tips from my writer friends. You might even find the odd writing tip from me. Come back every day for writing advice from authors such as Shiloh Walker, Nalini...

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