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February 9, 2024

Tips for Aspiring Authors: What do I write about?

If you’ve followed my advice about reading many books, you probably know what genre you want to write or at least have worked out the genres you enjoy most. Here is a post on choosing your next writing project and another post with suggestions on what to write.

Some writers look at what books are popular and on the bestseller lists. They use these details to find a popular niche and write their books to market.

You could try a quiz to nudge you in the right (write) direction.

When I started writing, I knew I wanted to write a romance because that was what I loved to read. I also enjoy mysteries, which is why my romances often have a suspense thread to them. I used the first method above.

If you’re writing romance, you’ll also want to consider a few other things.

Series are easier to sell than stand-alone titles, so think of a way to make your first book into a series. For example, you could write about a group of friends, set your books in the same town or village, or write stories featuring brothers or sisters. Find a way to link them together and draw the reader into your world.

Many readers enjoy tropes, e.g., enemies to lovers, fated mates, marriage of convenience, friends to lovers, or age gap romances. When considering your first book, combining several tropes into your plot can help you later with marketing since some readers purchase books that include their favorite tropes. This post will give you more information about tropes.