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Ain’t Misbehaving

A collection of spicy romantic tales set in New Zealand.

Lovers at Last

Justin Collet wants way more than friendship from Pearl. He craves love, laughter and hot, down-and-dirty passion. A life partner. All he needs to do is convince Pearl.

One Night of Misbehavior

Charlotte Dixon meets a sexy masked man at a costume ball, and the night of anonymous passion that follows makes her yearn for a different life.


Isabel Deans has a secret—she’s always lusted after Tyler Jameson. Call it an unfortunate infatuation with her brothers’ best friend. A surprise meeting at rugby training brings a provocative proposition. One month of hot sex then they’ll both walk away with no tears, no drama…

Fringe Benefits

Life’s good—a friends-with-benefits deal works perfectly with her male flatmates, but Marie Wright secretly craves more. A hot threesome. One hot summer day the sensual tension explodes between the three friends…

Wild Child

No one presses Zoe’s buttons like the tall, dark and gorgeous Matt. In fact, every other man pales in comparison. One last play. Zoe decides to invade Matt’s territory and make her move before some other clever woman snaps him up.

Read an Excerpt

She stared at him, her heart doing a slow drum against her ribs. Her tongue darted out to moisten her bottom lip. “Won’t your girlfriend mind?” She watched him closely, both body and mind on high alert. She loved Justin, enjoyed spending time with him—being friends. Of course she’d wondered what it would be like making love with him, but she valued his friendship more. The man was about six inches taller than her five foot six with short dark hair and gray eyes—a head turner. Because he loved sports, he spent a lot of time outdoors, giving him a healthy tanned look, and she knew the slight bump on his nose came from rugby. She’d actually witnessed the on-field scuffle. Yeah, Justin was all muscles and sleek power with a killer grin. No wonder women chased him.

“There’s no one special.”

“Oh.” Pearl wondered what that meant. She really didn’t want to be alone tonight. Did she dare? Apart from his lack of money, Justin was the perfect man. But after a childhood filled with poverty, she never wanted to do without again. It wasn’t wrong to hold out for a man with money. It wasn’t, she told herself.

“What did Andrew do when you threw him out?”

“I didn’t. I took the pearls and left.”

He blinked slowly, his thick, lush lashes sweeping his cheeks. “Wow, you sure told him.”

Pearl cuffed him across the shoulder. “Don’t be smart.” She eyed his lips, wanting comfort. They were firm, the bottom lip fuller than the top. Sexy. Without another thought she leaned close and stole a taste. Justin froze the second their lips met. They stared at each other, their lips centimeters apart, still almost touching. Pearl shuddered, closed her eyes to dive in for another taste. This time Justin was ready for her. He turned her into his arms and tunneled his hand into her hair, tugging strands from her artfully placed jeweled combs. For once she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was kiss him, needing to know she was desirable. Their lips slid together and Justin took over. He nipped and delicately licked, tracing his tongue along her bottom lip. Sensation simmered through her, but it wasn’t enough. She moaned softly, opening her mouth in a silent demand for more. Their tongues tangled in a lazy dance, slamming pleasure through her body. She moaned again and wound her hands around his strong neck, holding tight, rubbing her breasts against his chest in blatant invitation.

When they pulled apart, they were both breathing hard and his thick erection pressed against his fly. Pearl snorted softly. At least he was quick on the uptake. Andrew, despite his wealth and career hadn’t been the brightest bulb, which was probably why he’d managed to get things so wrong.

“Are you sure you want this? It will change everything between us,” Justin murmured, his gray eyes stormy with passion. She shivered, rubbing against him, dragging her hard nipples over his muscular chest again because it felt so good.

“Justin,” she whispered, tilting her head up for more.

“I want to hear the words, Pearl. I don’t want you to say later that I took advantage of your vulnerable state.”

Pearl stared him straight in the eyes. Her heart beat a fast tattoo but her voice emerged strong and even. “I want you to fuck me, Justin.”

The air hissed out his lungs with a whoosh. Hell, that was blunt. Justin studied her face. Her temper had cooled but a faint tinge of pink still colored her cheeks. Her eyes glittered with arousal, and her beautiful full lips shone, glossy and slightly swollen from their kiss.

“Well?” Her brows arched and her pert nose stuck up in the air, the snooty manner making him grin.

Justin scooped her off the couch and strode from the den into the passage, heading for his bedroom. Pearl cuddled into him, still clutching the pearl necklace in her hand.

For once he was glad he’d taken the time to make his bed. Hell, fate had even told him to change the sheets. He dropped Pearl onto the tribal-pattern duvet and knelt beside her to unbuckle her delicate black heels. He ran his hands down one silky-smooth calf, placing her foot on his knee. Her feminine scent pulled at him, her spicy perfume with an underlying musk and the faint tang of soap. He inhaled deep, a smile tugging at his lips when he noticed the faint tremor of his hands.

Pearl noticed too. “Are you nervous?”

Justin cleared his throat and managed to manipulate one of the buckles. “Yeah.” No point lying when she’d witnessed his trembling.

“It will be good,” she promised. “I can’t wait to feel your naked body rubbing against mine. All those muscles,” she said, her eyes undressing him as she carelessly dropped the pearls on the bedside cabinet.

Justin grinned, eyes scanning her clinging top and the shadowed cleavage displayed in the low neckline. “I’m gonna touch your breasts, tug and pull at your nipples until they’re hard. Then I’ll take a nipple into my mouth and suck until you can feel it in your pussy.”

“I hope that’s not the extent of your repertoire.”

A surprised chuckle emerged a second after her sassy comment. “I love your smart mouth.” He tapped a forefinger on the middle of her bottom lip.

“I know how to use it,” she whispered, her voice low and husky as her lips caressed the tip of his finger. “I could show you.”

Justin swallowed and his cock lengthened, constricted somewhat by his jeans. “Maybe later, babe. Let’s get you undressed first.” He slipped one shoe off and made quick work of the other. “Stand up for me.”

Pearl reached for the bottom of her cream top but Justin stayed her.

“I want to undress you. Fulfill a fantasy.”

“You’ve seen me in a bikini.”

“Yeah, and suffered for it,” he muttered before whipping the top over her head. Her lacy bra enhanced rather than concealed. Justin could see her dusky pink nipples through the sheer cream lace.

Pearl cocked her head, tugged on her bottom lip. Making him want to lave the sting away and take a nibble himself.
“You never said a thing.”

“You were with someone else so there was nothing to say. Stand up so I can take off your skirt.”

After a quick shimmy, the silky black material slipped down her hips to reveal her garter belt and black stockings—and nothing else.

“Hell, Pearl.” Justin stared at her smooth, naked pussy. “Don’t you worry about tripping in the street?”

“Don’t you like realizing the woman you’re with isn’t wearing panties? Doesn’t it make you hot? Besides, panty lines are ugly.”

“Yeah.” Sure it made him hot. It also made him wonder how often Pearl dropped around to visit and left her panties at home.

She obviously read the lust in his face because her pale eyes gleamed. “Do you want to touch?”

“Stop trying to direct me. We’ll do things my way.”

His words produced an interesting result. Pearl inhaled deep, her breasts heaving, and a faint trace of color appeared along her cheekbones. Justin’s eyes narrowed as he stalked across the few feet of floor separating them. “Let me take off your bra.” His fingers trembled but he managed to unsnap the back closure so the lace cups fell away. “Beautiful,” he whispered, brushing a single finger across the full curve of one breast. When he repeated the move back the other way, his finger brushed across her areola. Under his fascinated gaze, her nipple pulled to a tight bead.

“How come I’m practically naked and you’re fully dressed?”

“Because I’m the boss,” Justin said without taking his eyes off her nipple. Fact outstretched his imagination by a country mile. He dipped his head to lick along the same path traveled by his finger, heard her sharp intake of breath and smiled. This was gonna be fun. It would be good between them. How could it not when she was so responsive to the merest touch? He unclipped her stockings one at a time and unfastened her garter belt, stroking her creamy inner thighs in ever-increasing circles, coming close to her glistening folds but not touching.

“Justin!” she wailed when he did nothing more, returning instead to trace the underside of her breast with his calloused fingers despite a shift in her body position to present him with her nipple. “If you want to be boss, do some bossing instead of driving me crazy.”