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Alien Encounter Bundle

Alien Encounter, Box Set (Books 1-3)

Aliens crash-land on Earth and the chaos begins…

Hinekiri is an explorer, an adventurer and a successful map-maker from the planet of Dalcon. She travels through space, charting unexplored territories. Hinekiri’s maps are valuable, and she has attracted thieves who covet her charts.

Janaya, Hinekiri’s niece, is an elite bodyguard on Dalcon. She wants to protect her favorite aunt from the lowlifes intent on robbery. The last thing she requires is an unplanned trip to Earth or interaction with the locals.

Prince Alexandre is exhausted with court life and royal obligations. What he craves is a slice of ordinary on another planet and a different path where he is his own boss. He needs a suitable Earthman or woman to aid him in his research on a new career.

Three aliens visit the country town of Sloan—fish-out-of-water—but a new start on Earth brings opportunities, second chances and the possibility of love.

Contains books 1 – 3 in the Alien Encounter series:

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