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Favored by Felix

Middlemarch Capture, Book 2

A new resort specializing in capture fantasies—the perfect place for Captain Casey Seonaid to blow off steam. To embrace her feminine side, possibly for the last time. And just as she’d hoped, it’s not long before she finds herself “kidnapped”. Let the sexual hijinks begin.

Attractive yet with an air of sadness, Casey snares feline shapeshifter Felix Mitchell’s attention at first sight. As feelings deepen, he comes to realize Casey just may be his perfect mate. But despite their shared passion, something is amiss with his intriguing lover, something that keeps her from giving herself fully…something she won’t share.

Unexpected troubles plague the resort, drawing the couple ever closer. But the biggest danger comes when soldier Casey finally shares her secret, revealing a familial enemy—and his shocking plans for Casey’s military future.

Inside Scoop: Felix may look big and bad, but Casey knows her shifter mate is just a big pussycat.

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Automatically, Casey’s feet turned in the direction of the sea. Bare feet, she realized, when she hit a gravel path. Too bad. She didn’t intend to go back to their bungalow for something as pragmatic as footwear.

She limped over the gravel, another sigh gusting from her when she reached the more forgiving white sand. Her strides lengthened until she was almost running. As was usual, ever since her last meeting with General Seonaid.

Her father hadn’t wanted a daughter.

He’d wanted sons.

Three sons.

And he sure as phrull didn’t value her achievements or the way she’d advanced up the military ranks to match the careers of her two older brothers. No matter what she did, it wasn’t sufficient.

She wasn’t good enough for the general.

Casey slowed and padded across the white sand until she came to the edge of the water. A soft breeze wafted across her military-short hair and a wave washed over her feet. The water was cooler than she’d expected and startled a decidedly non-military eep from her throat.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone,” a male voice said.

Casey turned slowly, her leisurely action belying the way her heart drummed at her breast. Gods,
she was more upset than she’d realized if someone could sneak up on her without raising her well-honed senses.

“Why not?” she asked, and openly studied the big man who’d emerged from the shadows. “The resort is in a fenced compound. The place is full of women.” Lousy with them, the general would say. The thought brought Casey great satisfaction. “What could happen to me here?”

The man walked—no, prowled was a better description for his gait—closer and came to a halt a few feet from her. He flashed a grin full of white teeth, and she found herself returning the expression. A natural smile instead of the conscious ones she forced for her best friend while she pretended everything in her world was perfect.

“Let me see.” He pretended to ponder while his gaze slid over her in a way that made her feel like a woman instead of a soldier. “I’ve heard there is a race of aliens who have a shortage of women. They’re out to steal themselves mates.”

“I’m all a-shiver,” she said, returning his gaze of interest.

There was much to be admired. His black hair hit his shoulders and was three—phrull—four or five times longer than her own black locks. Even in the dim light cast by the astral moon and the resort’s artificial illumination, she could see his gorgeous green eyes. Just a few shades darker than the color of the jade sea that surrounded Ione. His broad shoulders were garbed in a loose white shirt, his lower half in tight black trews and black boots, and he was taller than her six feet by a few inches.

“And what if I’m one of these alien males?” His voice held a smoky tone that reminded her of late nights and smooth aged liquor on ice. He stood close enough now for her to feel the heat coming off his solid body.

“I should start running?” Gods, was that flirtation? She’d thought she’d forgotten how, since one didn’t fraternize romantically with fellow soldiers. She cocked her head a fraction. “Scream for help?”

“You’re lucky, sweetheart. Tonight, all I’m after is a kiss.”

And he grasped her shoulders and pulled her to him, his mouth covering hers in a hungry kiss
before she could gasp out a protest.

Sensations struck her like laser fire. His hot mouth. His hard body. His expertise. The pleasure of contact ripped away her lethargy. She gasped, and he took advantage, sliding his tongue into her mouth and stroking against hers.

So nice. So good. So perfect.

Casey gripped his shoulders and let his mouth ravage hers, blast her with the sensations she’d
craved for long, lonely months.

Finally he lifted his head, grinned down at her while his thumb brushed across her tingling lips. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


“Felix,” he said.

Her brows rose. “Not Alien Marauder?”

“Sexy Seducer.”

Her brows inched a hairsbreadth higher, and she fought the burst of humor currently tickling her tongue for release. “You think you could seduce me?”

“Breathing elevated. Nipples hard. And if I was crass enough to check, I’d find you wet, or at least on the way there.”

Common sense told her to knee him in the balls or punch his nose, but instead amusement came to the fore, keeping the capable soldier at bay. “Rather sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“I haven’t had any complaints.” Those green eyes of his glittered in a silent dare.

“So are you going to capture me, tie me up and keep me as your slave?” A shiver went through her at the idea of being his prisoner, and she knew he caught the tell because his grin amped up into a full-on smirk.

Phrull, she must be more tired and stressed than she’d thought.

“You like the idea,” he whispered, his breath warm against her cheek.

“Not really,” she said dismissively, while her mind screamed liar. Capture would solve her problems; put her out of reach of the general. For a time. He’d come for her eventually though, and toss her right back into reality—and turmoil—until her loyalty was tested to the limits. Gods!

“Let me kiss you again,” he said.

“You’re asking this time?”

“I figured that way I could progress to touching your tits, check if they feel as beautiful as
they look.”

Casey forced back the hysterical laughter battling for release. Now wasn’t that a kicker? One of the offending body parts that made the general hate her was the very part this sexy man wanted to touch. She shrugged, fought angry tears and won. “Why not?”

Felix took her into his arms, pulled her tight to his body, and she discovered he wanted her. He liked what he saw. Heady stuff. She opened her mouth, let him use her as he wished and drifted on the pleasure of his hands on her body, drifted on the knowledge he wanted her, just drifted…because it was safer than concentrating on reality.

Or her future.

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“Fabulous entertaining well-written read. Loved Casey and Felix together; enjoyed their witty banter and their chemistry shines. I found myself wanting to make a quick reservation for this resort too. If you enjoy shifter stories this is a great addition to a library. Without hesitation, I recommend this read.”
~ Amazon reviewer

“I love this series! Shelley Munro is an exceptional writer and will capture more fans than ever before. It’s nothing like the typical shifter books since each plot line is unique.”
~ Amazon reviewer