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July 17, 2008

Packing For Travel

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about PACKING for a Trip

With my trip coming up soon, packing is looming…

1. Make a list a few weeks beforehand of the things you think you’ll need to take with you.

2. Lay out the clothes you think you want to take, along with toiletries, shoes etc.

3. Consider your list and look at the items you have to pack into your bag. Do you really need each item? The biggest secret is to pack lightly to save your back. Those bags don’t carry themselves you know.

4. Mix and match! If an item of clothing doesn’t work with the rest of your outfits leave it at home. Mix and match means all your blouses, shirts etc go with all the skirts or trousers or shorts you’re packing. Mix and match makes for a lighter bag and a healthy back :wink:

5. I hate to say it, since I’m not a fan of the color black, but it’s great for mixing and matching and doesn’t show the dirt. Lesson learned in Africa. That red dust gets everywhere. White undies don’t work and soon look hideous, even after washing. Go for black!

6. Plan for the weather. San Francisco isn’t a warm place in the summer. Experience again! It can be freezing and possibly very foggy. Bring some warm clothes. Layering is good. A lightweight raincoat or a travel umbrella is a great thing to have when it’s raining.

7. Flip Flops – very handy things, especially for showers with unidentifiable icky bits growing on the floors.

8. If you’re staying in a hostel consider some earplugs. Musical snoring is only funny for the first five minutes, not so much in the wee small hours of the morning.

9. Rolling clothes prevents wrinkling. It’s true!

10. Here’s another underwear trick. (Rest assured I’m bringing my nice undies for the conference.) Save up your older undies and take them on your trip – clean, of course! Wear them and throw them away during the course of the holiday leaving extra room in your bag for souvenirs or in my case books.

11. Don’t forget to pack liquids and makeup in your checked luggage instead of your carry on. You don’t want them confiscated! Ditto with the scissors, Swiss Army knife and sharp objects.

12. Don’t pack your passport in your checked luggage. Just don’t, okay. But do check that your passport is safe. You don’t want to lose that sucker because you’ll end up with mega headaches getting a temp one to get home.

13. Pack toiletries etc in plastic bags so if there are spills, the damage is minimized. Take the small travel sizes in toiletries or decant large bottles into smaller ones for your trip.

Do you have any packing tips to add?

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  1. Adelle Laudan

    Sounds like you have it all under control. Have a blast. Happy T13!

  2. Maria

    I like to pack one change of clothes that I pack in my carry bag I take on the plane–usually a pair of jeans and t-shirt rolled up tightly and in a plastic bag.

    While I’ve never lost luggage, I have had it arrive a day late. It’s nice to slip into something else in the meantime.

    Have fun in SF!

  3. Cora Zane

    Mix n’ match and flip flops – I’m all about it! :lol: Have a great time on your trip!

  4. Tempest Knight

    *LOL* Love trick #10! Disposable panties. Hmm… maybe I can do the same with the bras.

  5. Savannah Chase

    Right before I came over here I started packing too, we go away tomorrow..Heading up north..I made a list as well. Always worried i will forget something important…

    have a great and safe trip

  6. Phoebe Jordan

    Happy T13! Love your list and I don’t have any packing tips because my mom always packs for me. Hope to see you at my 10th edition about Linda Lael Miller at Talk About My Favorite Authors blog.

  7. Jennifer McKenzie

    Boy! Did I need this!!! Thanks, Shelley! I really hope I get to see you there. I’ll be the one biting my French manicure acrylic nails to the nub with terror. LOL.
    See you soon.

  8. Nadia

    #1 is the most important one. I used to travel a lot for work, and it really made a big difference.

  9. LA Day

    Great tips. Have fun in San Francisco.

  10. Alice Audrey

    I have my packing list on a spreadsheet. One column indicates what kind of trip the item is good for, another how many of that item for a given time period. I run a sort to generate my list. No more forgotten items.

  11. R.G. Alexander

    You are so organized! Copying this list.

  12. Sarah @ pussreboots

    San Francisco only has two warm / fog free months of the year: April and October. Happy TT.

  13. Wylie Kinson

    Thank you Shelley – for creating a list that’s extremely timely!!
    I’m printing it out and checking off as I go :)

    See you in SF!

  14. Amy W.

    My travel tips include always packing sunscreen and a swimsuit. You can get burned on a foggy day or in the snow. Also you never know when the hotel will have an indoor pool or a trip to the beach/pool/river/lake/hot tub may slip it’s way into your vacation plans. They don’t take up much room but are a PITA if you forget them. To conserve room just buy a moisturizer with sunscreen!

    I lived in San Francisco for 18 years, every month is chilly and foggy at some point in the evening, so always pack a sweater/light coat.

  15. Melanie

    You’re so organized. Have fun!

  16. Gabriele

    Lol, I haven’t thought about packing for ages. I’ve perfectionised it years ago, it runs on autopilot these days. :grin:

  17. Heather

    Great tips, Shelley! Wish I was going to San Fran instead of moving that week. :cry:

  18. Shelley Munro

    LOL – You’d think I was organized, but so far I’ve only thought about packing.

    Amy W – definitely sunscreen and a swim suit. Sunscreen is the one thing I always try to remember.

    Gabriele – I know what you mean about auto-pilot. I’ve done a far bit of packing over the years.

    Heather – sorry you won’t be in SF. Moving sounds stressful!

  19. Shelley Munro

    Maria – a change of clothes is a great idea. I’ve had a couple of baggage mishaps over the years.

    Cora – mix and match. Yes!

  20. Susan Helene Gottfried

    I like the undies idea, although I am NOT going to try that at Cub Scout camp next week!

    I also realized earlier today that I’m wearing shorts I want to take with me… I’d better fix that problem…

    Travel safe, my friend!

  21. Melissa Blue

    Good, good list. Too bad this old last minute packer can’t change her ways.

  22. Shelley Munro

    Susan – no, the undies idea has a time and place. :grin: LOL about the shorts. That’s the kind of thing I do.

    Melissa – sometimes last minute works well!

  23. julia

    The old underwear/wear ’em and leave ’em is a great idea!

  24. amanda ashby

    Thank you for the umbrella reminder since I’ve just discovered some of my appointments are in different hotels!!

    My best tip is to pack your underwear and socks into your shoes (not the ones on your feet obviously) so that you get more stuff in your case.

  25. Janice

    Great list and the disposible panties is a new one on me. LOL.

    Take care and have a safe trip.

    Happy TT.


  26. Gwen Mitchell

    All good tips, ShellEy! Do I remember correctly that you’ll also be in Seattle for the ECWC, or is that just wishful thinking? :grin:

  27. Shelley Munro

    Hi Gwen – no, we are going near Seattle, but not for the ECWC. Maybe next time. :grin: