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February 14th, 2009
Fingers, Butter and Choices

Mr. Munro is on the injured list at the moment. He jammed his finger in a shipping container after a fumigation yesterday and is feeling miserable. He has to go for x-rays tomorrow but meanwhile has it strapped and the doctors have given him drugs. I feel so sorry for him but there’s nothing I can do. He didn’t sleep well last night. Hopefully some of the drugs the doctor gave him will help with that tonight.

The Body Shop has a mega sale on body butter. I’m a huge fan of their body butter and have purchased a large supply to last me for the entire year. I use it in lieu of perfume and have, in times of desperation, used it to tame frizzy hair. It works like a charm. Does anyone else like body butter?

I went to the local mall today and saw a billboard sign. The text captured my attention rather than the product it was advertising. I think it was alcohol of some description. Anyway, the text said: would you rather walk in on your parents or have your parents walk in on you?

An interesting dilemma. I know which I’d choose. I’d rather have my parents walk in on me. Some things just sear to the eyeballs, and I reckon this is one of them. I’d rather it wasn’t my retinas imprinted with the scene!! What about you?

13 comments to “Fingers, Butter and Choices”

  1. Poor Mr. Munro. For your question, I would rather they not at all…good girls don’t do those sorts of things, you know.

  2. Hope Mr Munro soon feels better. As for that question, there’s no way I can answer, either scenario makes me want to crawl into a hole and vanish!

  3. Sorry to hear about the hubby:(
    Have a great Sunday, Shelley.

  4. Hope Mr. Munro feels better soon. Injuries are bad enough but when you can’t sleep too, well that’s just awful. Do you have Bath & Body Works stores in New Zealand? That’s my favorite place to buy lotions, soap, etc.

  5. HEY… my Body Shop isn’t having a sale — and I’m DYING for some body butter from them. :evil:

    Hope Mr. Munro’s finger isn’t badly injured… but OW.

    And… oy… can I choose NEITHER on the question? Actually, to be honest, I’d probably be less embarrassed for my mom (dad’s is passed on… if HE walked in, I’d be more than embarrassed) to walk in on me than vice versa. :blush:

  6. Poor Mr. Munro! I hope fingers feel better soon!

    I have never tried body butter and I am going to go look it up. :)

    As for your question, I would rather walk in on my parents!! Embarassing, yes, :blush: BUT it gives me the upper hand for teasing leverage, because my mom would be mortified!! lol :mrgreen:
    Brings back old camping memories. lol Thanks, Shelley!! lol This gives me a great idea for a blog post… Off I go! hehe

    Have a Magic Monday!

  7. Finger update: Mr Munro had an x-ray yesterday and there’s nothing broken, which is good. The medication he’s taking is helping him sleep, although it’s his right hand and he keeps knocking it. It’s a very interesting shade of black!! (both finger and nail)

    Nancy – no, we don’t have Bath & Body Works in NZ, although I’ve seen them during our visits to the US. We have Body Shop and a few LUSH shops.

    Christina – it’s a hard question. Both make me cringe. :blush:

    Marianne – do The Body Shops in the US have a customer loyalty program? They started one here last year and that works out well. For every $100 spent you get a $10 voucher and when it’s your birthday they send you a discount voucher. They have a couple of new Body Butters – pomegranate (spelling?) and raspberry.

  8. Colleen – one can never have too much ammunition. :lol:

  9. Oh boy– I have to agree with Christina. I don’t think I could stand either!

    As for body butter– love the stuff.

    And get well soon thoughts go out to Mr. Munro.

  10. Oooh I love Body Shop Body Butter.

    And I’m so sorry about Mr. Munro’s finger. Take care of him!

  11. I love body butter. I have extremely dry skin, so it works like a charm.

    I think I’d rather they walk in on me. Yes, some things I’d rather not see.

  12. Eeeeeeee! Neither! Shelley, I don’t think I could possibly handle either possibility–just call me a big baby!

    And hope Mr. Munro’s healing fast!

  13. LOL – Fedora. It is a pretty scary choice!