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May 13, 2009

Clever Fingers

A complimentary fifteen-minute massage came as part of the package on our recent holiday in Samoa. Massage isn’t something I’ve had a lot of experience with in the past. I get a head massage whenever I have my hair done, and when I injured my shoulder in a fall, the physio treatment included massage.

On the first day of our holiday, one of our friends and I went off to check out the spa while the others attacked the golf course. (I say attacked because it was a brutal course and the sand bunkers were so deep, the players had to use the ladders provided to climb down inside to play their golf balls out of the bunker.)

My first real massage was great. I stripped off and wrapped in a towel before being escorted to the open-sided huts where they did the massages. They used coconut scented oil and below the table they had sweetly scented flowers and oils. The entire experience was wonderful. I thought about having another massage, but I have to admit the cost put me off a little. Feeling good is not a cheap business. Maybe when I win lotto I can have a massage every week.

Have you had a massage before? Did you like it?


  1. Sandra Cox

    The massage and the scented oils sounds wonderful!

  2. Sandra Cox

    Welcome back:)

  3. Leah Braemel

    Yes, I have – I won it from a member of the Toronto Romance Writers who was a massage therapist. I felt like floated out of there, it was so wonderful. I wanted more, but as you say, who can afford them regularly unless you’re tres rich? Which I’m not.

  4. Julia Smith

    The woman whose daughter I cared for as a nanny treated me to a massage as a birthday present. It was heavenly. Actually, during the course of the massage, the therapist figured out that I tend to be psychic-ish. She could sense it, of course.

    My sister treated me to a massage when I graduated from university. It was also heavenly. And what do you know – during the course of the massage, the therapist figured out that I tend to be psychic-ish.

  5. Karen Erickson

    I never have but I want one. Sounds like heaven.

    Glad you’re back!

  6. Debra Kayn

    I’ve never had one, and I can’t say that having a stranger rub my back sounds relaxing…but everyone I know says you quickly get over the squeak factor and it is heavenly.

    You’re description with the oils, and scents does sound tempting though!

  7. Susan Helene Gottfried

    I get massages monthly. This was my first one since the bronchitis last month. My right radius was out of joint, as was Rib #10 on the right. That’s not unusual, the rib being out of joint. What made it odd was that it took #11 and possibly #9 with it.

    My therapist was able to put the radius, and 11 (and possibly 9) back in place. I had to do 10 myself.

    Oh, yeah, I seem to have whiplash, too.

    Yep. This is why I need my monthly massage…

  8. Amy Gallow

    I am a better masseur than a masseuree as I can never completely relax during the process, probably because most of my early massages were therapeutic after injuries and bordered on painful.
    Curiosity made me study the theory behind sensuous and sports massage and I had a willing partner for my experiments, which came in handy when I chose to add a massage scene in “Snow Drifter”.
    There is a great deal of satisfaction in teasing the tensions out of taut muscles, but it is hard work.

  9. Amy W.

    Back in my single days in the navy I’d paper myself with a spa day every few months. I mean when you have grease and lube oil in your hair and under your fingernails you don’t feel very girly. So I’d get a massage and my nails done. Love them! But yes, they are super expensive and can really take a bite out of your disposable income. Which is sad because I could probably use on more now than I did back then- LOL! Plus my family is very back massage oriented. If you’re sitting down and someone comes up behind you they start to massage your shoulders. Unfortuately I’ve learned that I can’t handle it anymore and they are painful not relaxing when I visit home now, sad because both my siblings are pretty good at it too. Sigh.

  10. Shelley Munro

    Sandra – thanks! It was a wonderful treat.

    Leah – yes, floated is a good description of the feeling. I certainly felt very relaxed afterwards.

    Julia – well, that never happened to me. I get feelings sometimes that come true. With me it’s probably coincidence. :lol:

    Karen – I think it’s something that everyone should try once in their life. Put it on your bucket list.

    Debra – I thought about that beforehand then decided I was being stupid. They do the massages as a job and are very professional. I just booked my massage and took a deep breath. Those tables are high though. I’m tall and I felt like a lumbering elephant while trying to climb up.

    Yikes, Susan. That doesn’t sound like much fun. You definitely need your massages!

    Amy – I’ve written massage scenes too. They’re great for getting characters together.

    Amy W – I can see how grease and lube oil in your hair wouldn’t be much fun. Do you know that I’ve never had my nails done? Maybe that’s the next thing I should try. Me tease? Never!! :mrgreen:

  11. Colleen Love

    I’m spoiled, my Mr. C gives the bestest massages EVER! :) He has ginormous, calloused hands and knows how to use them well!! :blush:

    I think I will go find him now… hehe

    Massage is a wonderful thing to treat yourself too! Good for you!


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