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August 20, 2009

Random Happenings

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things about My Week

1. Only six sleeps to go until my holiday.

2. The wind has howled this week, making it precarious to cycle. I HAD to go outside because I was getting cabin fever and almost got blown off my bike.

3. The wee dog has perked up a lot with her new medication. She seems much brighter and came to me asking for more food today. I gave her more food.

4. I went to a chat at Writerspace yesterday and heard about Bianca D’Arc’s new release, Grady’s Awakening. It sounded so fascinating that I went and purchased the first book in the series, Hara’s Legacy straight away, despite having hundreds of books on my to-read pile and many things to do. It was an excellent sci-fi romance with very good world building. It was also hot and spicy. I’m pondering book two. Should I?

5. The Romance Writers of New Zealand conference is this weekend. I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

6. I totally kicked hubby’s butt and beat his score at snowboarding on the Wii Fit. Maybe I’ll hide the controls so he can’t try to beat me again. My little Mii figure and I celebrated with a sexy hip swivel and a cheer on my part.

7. I haven’t started packing yet for my holiday and need to at least think about it.

8. Online promotion takes a lot of time! This week I’ve done blog posts, corresponded with other authors re a new promo idea, sent off an interview, gone to a chat and done a hundred other things with not much to show for all my work. I still have a blog post to go. Selena, it’s coming!

9. I finished going over a contemporary story and sent it off to two ladies at Romance Divas for a beta read before I do my last changes and send the story to my final beta reader. Can you tell this story has given me problems?

10. I’ve craved sweet things all week and mostly managed to ignore the craving. I can indulge on holiday after all.

11. I received a new cover for House of the Cat. (see post below) It’s very pretty and sexy.

12. I need to vacuum clean. Hmm, maybe a brisk carpet sweep will do the trick?

13. I’ve sent off a query for a short contemporary story, and I’m currently working on a story for Nocturne Briefs, one I started a few months ago and didn’t finish.

How was your week?


  1. sandy

    have a ball !!sandy

  2. Stephanie Adkins

    I hope you have a great time at the conference! Happy Thursday!


    It’s good to read that your furry friend is mending and getting better.

    My Thursday 13 is now posted…I feel the need for speed!!! You’re invited to join me if you’d like! See ya at my place!! Have a great day.

  4. Ella Drake

    Have fun at the conference & good luck finishing that Bite!

  5. Brenda Rupp

    My week wasn’t so great, my husband had his wallet stolen (not good when he was laid off recently) and we’ve spent the week recreating his identity, and it has affected me! No checking account, no credit cards, yikes! I’m carrying cash, and I never do! I have to make sure I have enough for the groceries!! Not a great week! :cry:

  6. RosettaStone

    4. I kinda love the whole autobuy idea. I have authors as soon as I see their book, I immediately grab a copy end (more likely than not) end up leaving the store with it.

    Have fun at RWNZ! It sounds like a blast!

  7. Jennifer Leeland

    That cover is awesome, Shelley!
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday! I know you’ll bring pictures.
    Contemporaries are difficult, but I know you pull it off well.
    (Buy the second one! LOL)

  8. Brenda ND

    I hope you have a super vacation.

  9. she

    i wish #1 were true for me! happy tt!

  10. Cambria Dillon

    Love the HoC cover! And I’m with you on your Wii Fit win — Hubs always wins, so when I manage to top him, I take the controller as hostage.

  11. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Yeah, I won’t bike when it’s too windy out. I have no real desire to wind up sideways!

    As for the networking, we’ll have to talk when you’re back in town. I need to raise my profile; the band deserves it.

  12. Helen Hardt

    Have a great time at your conference!

  13. Happily Retired Gal

    Glad the little dog is responding. I usually make packing LISTS to help me pull together necessities for trips. Enjoy your conference ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Alice Audrey

    If you liked book 1, why not go for book 2?

  15. Mary Quast

    What a delightful post! My week has been spent feeling under the weather, but your post has cheered me up. Thanks & Happy TT.

    Mine is at http://maryquast.blogspot.com/

  16. Adelle Laudan

    Have fun on holidays. I’m sure you’ll have a blast at conference. Now get packing, and make sure you leave some room for me :cool:
    Happy T13!

  17. Heather

    Glad the doggie is doing better. Enjoy the upcoming conference and holiday!

  18. Flicka Holt

    Brisk carpet sweep will definitely do. You know what they say; I clean house is a sign of a wasted life! ;)

  19. Elise Logan

    Well, I hate vacuuming, so I won’t do it. That’s what DH is for.

    Also, happy doggie is better. hooray!

  20. Shelley Munro

    Brenda – I’m so sorry. I hope you manage to get replacements soon!

  21. Shelley Munro

    For those of you who told me to buy the second book – I did. I broke down and purchased it before my TT published!

  22. David Bridger

    All sorts of good news there. Have a great time at conference!

  23. Alexia Reed

    Where are you going for your holiday? Is that the conf? Have fun when you go!

  24. Julia Smith

    I have 14 sleeps until my vacation begins. Can’t wait… Glad yours is only 6 sleeps away.

  25. Shelley Munro

    Alexia – the conference is in Auckland, not far from home. For our holiday we’re going to Singapore and Thailand for two weeks. I can’t wait, but I really need to get on to that packing!