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September 28, 2009

Scootin’ Along

When we were in Phuket the first thing we noticed was the large number of bikes and scooters. They were a very popular mode of transport and it was a common sight to see the entire family–father, mother and two kids–all loaded up on the bike and scootin’ off to their destination.

Students used them to travel to school. Parents picked up their kids after school. Workers used them to travel to work. I even saw a man and his dog off to conduct their business with the dog calmly sitting on the front. They even ride them when it rains, wearing cheap blue raincoats to keep off the worse of the water. The parking areas were always full of bikes.

Bikes and scooters are also popular in many of the Pacific Islands and you’ll see some quite large people squeezed on them, their bodies sort of overflowing…

Here are some of the photos I took while in Phuket.


Father and daughter on bike


Mother, father and daughter.


Modified bikes for trade.


Bikes for hire.


Pretty Pink!

Have you ridden a bike/scooter?

Newsflash: Tomorrow I have an interview with agent Holly Root from the Waxman Literary Agency. I hope you’ll stop by and visit.


  1. RKCharron

    Hi :)
    Thanks for the wonderful post & sharing the great pictures.
    I rode on the back of a motorcycle once when I was young. I loved the sense of freedom it gave me.
    All the best,

  2. sandra cox

    Ooh, I like the pink one:)
    You’re right. There were a lot of scooters.

  3. Christina Phillips

    I like the pretty pink one too!!

    I haven’t been on the back of a bike since I was a teenager… hubby-to-be was 18 and had a Suzuki. LOL. I don’t think I’d be that brave again now!!!

  4. Jennifer Shirk

    I rode one YEARS ago. :)

    But I could definitely see myself riding around on that pink one in my small town now. :mrgreen:

  5. Julia Smith

    My dad took me for a spin on a motorcycle when I was little – but I was not terribly thrilled, let’s say. And that’s been my only ride on one. I hated banking into a turn with the road coming up to my cheek.

    I do like that photo of the pink scooter, though – sassy!

  6. Helen Hardt

    First of all, I love the photos! Photos that really show people always get to me. To answer your question — no, I’ve never ridden a scooter. But hubby rides a Harley Heritage Softail and I love riding on the back!

  7. Shelley Munro

    I was quite taken with the pink one as well. :grin:

  8. Mary

    I haven’t been on a bicycle since I was a teenager! I’ve never ridden a scooter, my mom has one but I was afraid I would fall off. Have I mentioned I am a big chicken? lol

  9. Catherine Bybee

    Tragedy of being a ER nurse… I don’t trust these things.

  10. Cari Quinn

    Love the pink scooter!

    I’ll be back tomorrow for your interview with Holly Root, Shelley. :)

  11. LisaG

    I have never rode a scooter before! :sad: But when and IF I ever do, it’s gotta be PINK!! :razz:

  12. Linda Henderson

    I’ve ridden on a motorcycle before but it’s been a long time ago. I was scared to death.

  13. Nancy Henderson

    Love the pink scooter. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle. I’d be too scared. It’s right up there with skydiving in the fear factor!