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November 22nd, 2009
I’m On Strike!

Camera Critters

This photo was taken at Bear Country in South Dakota, USA. Mr. Munro and I loved watching the bears because some of them were real characters. This one wasn’t letting any traffic past.


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13 comments to “I’m On Strike!”

  1. He needs a pick a nick basket.

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  2. What a pose. I wonder how long this bear practise for that cute pose in front a mirror. :smile:

  3. He reminds me of a buddha in training!

  4. Funny pose for the bear. Great photo.

  5. LOL, I love it!

  6. You always have the best animal photos.

  7. I’ve been there, Shelley! It’s a wonderful place.

  8. Wow! He’s beautiful!

  9. They are cute to look at unless they are in your back yard. We live next to a stretch of National Forest in Tennessee which is designated a bear preserve. There are too many of them and they are constantly in people’s yards. One attacked my son in our back yard a few years ago. I was walking along the side of the main road last year looking for something and when I turned back to my car there was a bear standing next to it. Not a good feeling. Luckily there was enough traffic that she didn’t stay around or head my way (which wasn’t far).
    Saw some while we were out in Yellowstone.

  10. I will always give bears the respect their killing-machine claws and jaws demand. I wouldn’t be going up to this one! But in photo form, awfully enjoyable.

  11. That’s a great picture. That bear is gorgeous.

  12. Oh man, I need to put that picture on my door at work. I’m on strike too! LOL

    Seriously, what a beautiful creature…

  13. I love to watch/see the animals when I visit different countries, but I have to admit that I’m glad we have no large mammals in NZ. I’d hate to come across a bear in my backyard!