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December 1, 2009

The Pubs With Expensive Beer

Some of you might have heard the song about the pub with no beer. A pub is a sad place if it runs out of beer, that’s for sure. Last night on the news there was a story about a shortage of hops, which is forcing beer prices to skyrocket. A few years ago there was a glut of hops on the market. This meant many growers ripped out their crops, swinging the pendulum in the other direction. A shortage of hops meant an increase in prices and some brewers stopped making varieties of beer that used lots of hops.

Hops are a little like grapes. The crops from different regions taste different and bring different properties to the beer. They contribute to the aroma, flavor and bitterness of the beer.

I know one person, namely Mr. Munro, who will complain if beer prices rise too much. I like to drink beer when it’s a hot, sunny day. There’s nothing more refreshing during the heat of the summer. I’m not a fan of English ale, the beer served at room temperature in British pubs, but I do enjoy lager. After several years of working in English pubs, I’m a dab hand at pouring a beer.

And speaking of crops, I’m doing my monthly blog at The Raven Happy Hour today and talking about crop circles, UFOs and my book Romantic Interlude.

Do you like beer? If so, what sort do you prefer? Will a price rise worry you?


  1. Mary

    I tried beer once….just once. It was awful. Never tried it again.

  2. Shelley Munro

    Mary – I guess it is an acquired taste. :grin:

  3. Mr Munro

    I’m sorry Mary but I think you have been poorly deprived in your imbibing pleasure! We have some wonderfully flavoured beers in New Zealand. I do recall having a very pleasant chilli beer in Moab, unusual taste, but refreshing!!!!!

  4. Amy M

    I don’t like beer at all. I really don’t drink at all, but my husband is a beer drinker. We pretty much always have Miller Lite on hand. One year for Lent he gave up drinking beer during the week, only to have it on the weekends. It has kind of carried over to all the time. So I don’t think that if the cost of beer goes up will change his mind because he will figure he only buys it on the weekends, so a little hike in price will not be too bad compared to having beer in the house all of the time. :roll:

    Amy M

  5. Jaime

    I love beer! Especially a red lager or ale like Killian’s or Smithwick’s. On the tap, they taste incredible!

    Another favorite is WoodChuck, which is a draft cidar made from apples. If you’ve never had it, and can find it on draft, be sure to dry the amber flavor!

  6. Kaye Manro

    Since I don’t like beer, It’s hard to say!

  7. patsy hagen

    I literally LOATHE beer. My late-husband was an alcoholic and drank only beer. Because of that, I have no desire to even try it.

  8. Mary

    lol Mr Munro, maybe it’s because I don’t like the taste of any alcohol…I have tried a few drinks things that I would find something out there that I liked. but no. So I’m a non drinker…just gimmee a large frappuccino with whip cream and chocolate and I’ll be happy. :)

  9. RKCharron

    Hi Shelley :)
    I heard Foster’s is supposed to be an awesome beer. As a Canadian I love our beer. Unfortunately I’m on medication that means I cannot drink alcohol anymore.
    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best,

  10. GladysMP

    Growing up, I lived in the same block as two brothers who literally drank beer until they died from it. The wife of the younger brother had AA to try to help her husband, but they were unsuccessful. He left a son. No, I do not drink beer.

  11. Linda Henderson

    I’m not a beer drinker so it wouldn’t bother me. Unfortunately due to the amount of medicine I have to take I can’t drink anything anymore.


    I’m like you Shelley…I love a cold beer on a hot summer day…just hits the spot. My fave kind of beer is a honey lager…sooo good! It does suck that the prices are soaring…I really hope that changes before the next summer…

  13. Rachel M

    Reading about the hops – reminds me about the canned pumpkin shortage projected for next year – I guess we need to stock up.

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