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December 13th, 2009
A Day in the Life

Camera Critters

“Careful! Watch the knot. Do I have to go to work today?”


“Can’t we go faster?”


“Ah! Dinner time at last.”


“And maybe time for a snooze.”


These photos were taken at our local farmers’ market where they give pony rides to the children. To visit more animal photos follow the links at Camera Critters.

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  1. Aww, those pictures are so cute.
    I would also like to thank you for the book, I got it in the mail today along with the pretty bookmarks and notepad. My husband is gonna be gone all week so I will have the place all to myself to read. lol

  2. Looks like a fun ride for the little one. Cute pony.

  3. Oh, they’re soooooo cute! Like a large puppy with hooves!

  4. You’re welcome, Mary. I hope you enjoy the book. The ponies are cute. I always visit them. They have donkies too.

    Nancy – I could just see myself taking my pony for a walk around here.

  5. How cute. I’d like to cuddle him.