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February 18th, 2010
Talking Gingerly

Thursday Thirteen

I’ve been thinking about ginger recently, mainly because in our local reality show, Nestle’s Hottest Home Baker, most of the contestants used ginger when they cooked their signature dishes last week. I like ginger and decided it would make a great topic for my Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen Things About Ginger

1. Ginger is the rhizome (mass of roots) of a flowering plant which is native to South-East Asia. Ginger has been grown in China for thousands of years.

2. Ginger can be purchased fresh, dried or ground. My father loves crystallized ginger, which is often available around Christmas.

3. Fresh ginger has a fresh citrus-like smell and flavor, along with a little hotness. It’s used in Chinese, Caribbean and Indian dishes. Dried ginger root is used in preserves and chutneys. Powdered ginger is used in cakes, biscuits and cookies.

4. A clever hint – keep your fresh ginger root in the freezer. When you require some ginger in a dish, grate the frozen root and return to the freezer. Hubby and I have way less wastage this way. It really works!

5. Ginger – a slang word for a red-head. A human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair.

6. Ginger is considered to have aphrodisiac powers when taken either internally or externally. It’s actually mentioned in the Karma Sutra.

7. In the Phillipines, ginger is said to expel evil spirits. The people chew on chunks of ginger and I presume the evil spirits leave.

8. Ginger is a well-known digestive aid because it increases saliva and digestive fluids. Some people say ginger helps with morning sickness. At the onset of nausea, the mother chews on a piece of ginger root. Some people swear ginger helps with motion sickness as well. I’ve heard some bus drivers hand out ginger sweets to school children to stop them from throwing up. At least that’s what the man at the ginger factory in Australia told me.

9. Queen Elizabeth 1 is credited with the invention of gingerbread men.

10. Fresh ginger is found in the produce section of most grocery stores. Look for smooth skin with a fresh, spicy fragrance. Tubers should be firm and feel heavy.

11. My favorite non-alcoholic summer drink is ginger beer. Ginger beer was first made in England during the mid-17th century.

12. You can make your own ginger beer by growing a ginger plant. It’s not an actual plant but is made from yeast.

13. Henry VIII thought ginger would stop people from getting the plague. He instructed the mayor to use ginger as a plague medicine.

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Do you like ginger? What is your favorite way to eat ginger?

31 comments to “Talking Gingerly”

  1. I love ginger and my girls won’t eat it. It’s great – whenever I want something just for me I can get ginger chocolate and it’s safe :lol:

  2. Informative post – especially as I was ginger in my youth; although my hair has turned more browny now. I can believe that about Elizabeth I – no doubt she practiced for her reign by biting off their heads :-)

  3. Very interesting. I don’t like ginger beer, but I love ginger bread cookies which we usually eat at Christmas. I also use it sometimes as a spice.

  4. I never thought about keeping ginger in the freezer. Great tip, thanks! I like to put a little slice of ginger in my tea. My boys like it too when they have a sore throat – say it helps.

  5. I love a bit of ginger (along with cardamom, cloves and vanilla) in my tea, too. It makes a sort of poor-man’s chai, basically. Tasty stuff!

    Then again, I adore Indian food, too – could eat it every day of the week and not grow tired of it – so I guess that helps to develop a taste for it. :)

  6. FREEZING fresh ginger is a GREAT tip!! Thanks.

    My Thursday post is now posted if you’d like to drop by…. 13 sisters

  7. I always learn something new when i come here. Never really experimented with fresh Ginger. Might have to try now. Happy T13!

  8. Yummm … I love ginger. It always reminds me of Christmas and gingerbread cookies. :) Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  9. I loooooooooooove ginger. Fresh, ground, crystalized, all of it. I also have a slight addiction to ginger ale. I could quit at any time….no really…I could

  10. Not a big ginger fan. ;) But good things to know!

  11. I love ginger–thanks fir this TT!

  12. Mythbusters tested ginger for motion sickness – worked beautifully. I’ve also used it for nausea and had excellent results.

    I’m a big fan of ginger ale. Not the store kind, but the kind you can make yourself by making a ginger sugar syrup and mixing with carbonated water. yum.

  13. I love ginger and it helps me soothe my throat especially when I have a bad throat due to stress. Mariposa’s T13

  14. I had a cat Ginger once :)


  15. Wow, very interesting. Not a huge fan of ginger myself but love ginger iin Asian food.
    Hope you’ll drop by my blogs for my T13s at The Cafe & The Library.

  16. I find ginger a little strong, but in small amounts it’s okay!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  17. In small amounts, I love it. Love Gingerale. I dont drink soda but I do like a gingerale occasionally.

  18. Mmm…why am I suddenly hungry for gingerbread? Great post!

  19. I love ginger. I haven’t always, but recently it’s been a huge favorite. I need to get over to my local specialty store and get some.

  20. Gignger bread cookies!

  21. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, along with tumeric. I use it medicinally a lot because of that. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy TT!

  22. I love ginger beer. I drank a lot of it when in England but you can’t find it in the US. Ginger ale is no substitute!

  23. I love ginger tea with honey.

  24. Sometimes I love ginger. Sometimes it’s too strong. But when it’s right, it’s wonderful.
    Great list!

  25. Ms Menozzi – that’s a great idea. I always enjoy a chai.

  26. Nicholas – ginger ale and ginger beer are quite different beasts. We buy ginger syrup and add soda water for a refreshing summer drink.

  27. Enjoyed the ginger facts. Ginger always reminds me of being pregnant. That is what everyone recommended for morning sickness. It never seemed to help…lol

  28. Ginger is wonderful. Helps against colds, too.


  29. My mom makes tea from slivers of ginger root – it’s delish. But my dog tasted a bit and now shudders if she gets up too close and personal with ginger!

  30. as much as i didnt like giner :) you make me know about it much i didnt know :)

    More than just annoyed

  31. I remember chewing on ginger when I was pregnant. Didn’t help a bit, but I still love the stuff.