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May 17th, 2010
Pointy Toilet Paper

During our recent cruise, Edward our stateroom steward used to service our room in the morning and do a turn-down service at night, complete with chocolates on our pillows. As part of his visit to our room he’d make the tissues and the toilet paper pointy. Every time we went into the bathroom, he’d folded the toilet paper to a point.

When we arrived home, I complained to my husband that I wanted to be on holiday again and boo-hoo – my toilet paper wasn’t pointy. I wanted pointy toilet paper!!

I know most hotels and motels make their toilet paper pointy, and I wondered why. It came up in conversation when my brother-in-law and his wife came for dinner a few nights ago. My sister-in-law used to work as a Meticulous Maid and she said they made the toilet paper pointy so they knew they’d cleaned the toilet.

Yesterday I went to the restroom and low and behold, my toilet paper was pointy. I looked around for Edward, who I seriously loved and wanted to bring home with me, but alas the paper folder was my hubby. He knew how much I wanted pointy toilet paper and had crept in and done it for me. He’s such a sweetie, and he definitely made me laugh.

What is your theory on pointy toilet paper? Why do you think the hotel room attendants fold the toilet paper to a point?

12 comments to “Pointy Toilet Paper”

  1. Ref: I looked around for Edward, who I seriously loved and wanted to bring home with me, but alas the paper folder was my hubby.

    You realize, of course, there’s a story in this. :smile:

    I think your SIL is right. That’s what I always thought too.

  2. Thats a classy cruise!! Awesome!

  3. My cleaning lady often puts points on the toilet paper… makes me laugh every time she does it.

  4. I’ve seen this practice called Toilet Paper Origami…lol…makes me laugh…but the reason most hotel chains do it is to assure the customer that the rest room has been cleaned and also as a marketing ploy to make themselves more noticable. I find it interesting :grin:

  5. I always thought it was to prove maid service had done their job in there – not just the toilet, but towels and glasses and all too.

  6. Maria – lol – I think our recent cruise holiday has inspired many stories!

  7. hmm, now that makes sense. I always thought it was so it was easier to grab the end of the roll. lol

  8. Shelley, you crack me up! I’ve never contemplated this question before :).

  9. LOL I’d always wondered about the pointy loo roll – your sil’s explanation makes perfect sense to me!!!

  10. This is a funny subject, Shelley, I love all the pointy things like tp and towels too when in a hotel.

  11. Sounds like something my husband would do for me; I always wondered why the toilet paper was pointy, the old saying goes I learn something new every day right?

  12. So we have a concensus about the pointy toilet paper. Edward used to make me laugh because I started to feel guilty about even using a tissue. He was very determined to have them pointy!!