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May 18th, 2010
Spotlight on Tonga

The first stop of our cruise was the Kingdom of Tonga. The group of islands is known as The Friendly Islands and the people we met were lovely. It was pouring with rain during our day in port, and I have to admit that this wasn’t my favorite destination. Most of the islands are volcanic in origin. We visited Nuku’alofa on Tongatapu and Vava’u. I liked Vava’u best since it was more picturesque. It’s a very popular place with boaties and there were many yachts moored around the port.

Fishing Boat, Tonga

Fishing boat.

Taro, Tonga

Taro, at roadside stall.

Carving, Tonga

Carving outside home in Vava’u.


Flower after the rain.

9 comments to “Spotlight on Tonga”

  1. Beautiful pictures as always.

  2. You are really a great photographer, Shelley. I love to visit when you have pics up.

  3. I love Taro root tea and I’m guessing that the Taro you have pictured is the fruit. I also really liked the pink flower in the rain. Fascinating pictures.

  4. Wonderful photos! I missed you, glad you’re back. :mrgreen:

  5. Thanks Mary and Kaye. I have to admit that I love taking photos. I never go anywhere without my camera these days.

  6. Maria – taro is actually a vegetable. Many of the Pacific islands have it as one of their staples. New Zealand imports quite a bit of taro for our local island population. It’s a starchy type vegetable. I think it must be an acquired taste because I don’t like it very much. Here’s a website that tells you quite a bit about taro.

  7. Hi Amy! I’ve been meaning to email you. I’ll make sure I actually do it today!! :grin:

  8. I adore the hyacynth. I have a bush with yellow ones in my backyard. They’re my favorite flower. My husband likes when I wear one in my hair for romantic nights at home.

  9. Great pictures. I’m going to be the odd ball and say the boat picture is my favorite. The color of the water, along with the seen-better-days boat tells a lot of stories.