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Month: June 2010

Ah Choo! It’s a Sneeze Fest

I was thinking about sneezing the other day because I scared the dog with a loud sneeze. We've all experienced the prickling, tickling sensation that heralds a sneeze. Sometimes they explode out of nowhere at the most inconvient times, such as when you're driving. I...

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Colds, Flu and Winter Ills

On the whole, I'm a fairly healthy person. I don't catch many colds or flu-type bugs. I think a lot of it is because I don't have children. When we were kids we were always sick, and I've noticed that people with children tend to get sick more. There are a lot of bugs...

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Beware of the Bulls

I took this photo during our last visit to my father's farm. My father used to breed bucking bulls for the rodeo circuit here in New Zealand, and the sign comes from a time when it was dangerous to enter the paddock. These cattle are pretty friendly and it's safe to...

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Foster Dog One: Patch Adams

Last Thursday we picked up our first foster dog from the SPCA. He’s a Stafford terrier cross and is six months old. His name is Patch Adams. He had surgery on his left hind leg and was on cage rest until we brought him home. When Patch first arrived at our place, he...

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A Wealth of History on the Thames

I’ve read a lot of non-fiction books about England and England history recently. Thames: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd inspired my topic for Thursday Thirteen this week. Thirteen Facts and Interesting Tidbits About the Thames River 1. The Thames is the longest river...

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The Australian Outback – Feel the Heat!

My special guest today is Australian, Suzanne Brandyn. She is visiting today to tell us about her new release Heat in the Outback as well as a little bit about outback Australia. Over to Suzanne... Hi Shelley, The Australian Outback intrigues many. It is a land of...

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