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June 26th, 2010
Beware of the Bulls

Camera Critters

I took this photo during our last visit to my father’s farm. My father used to breed bucking bulls for the rodeo circuit here in New Zealand, and the sign comes from a time when it was dangerous to enter the paddock. These cattle are pretty friendly and it’s safe to walk up to them.

Beware of the Bulls

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9 comments to “Beware of the Bulls”

  1. What a lovely mix of cattle colors! Love the sign. LOL!

  2. How interesting, what your dad used to do. Nice-looking cattle but I’m interested in the bulls. ;-)


  3. I saw the sign too, funny. Great picture as usual. :)

  4. LOL! Wonderful! VBS is over so I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow. Love ya!

  5. Very nice photo and the sign is kinda funny!

  6. The sign is cute, although I’m sure the beware is definitely true. I was chased by a bull as a kid. There was one up on the hill in back of my grandmother’s house. One day he was loose, and I guess he didn’t like me very well. Fastest I ever ran! LOL!

  7. Paz – they were big and good buckers. I kept my distance. One of the bulls broke my father’s leg. He still limps quite a bit.

    Mary – The sign made me laugh when I saw it.

  8. Hi Amy – talk to you tomorrow. :grin:

    Maria – I always get some good photos out at the farm.

    Nancy – Yikes! That sounds scary. I would have run fast too.

  9. This is so interesting. I had no idea the bulls for rodeo were bred for that. Thanks for the info!