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June 28, 2010

Colds, Flu and Winter Ills

On the whole, I’m a fairly healthy person. I don’t catch many colds or flu-type bugs. I think a lot of it is because I don’t have children. When we were kids we were always sick, and I’ve noticed that people with children tend to get sick more. There are a lot of bugs spread around at schools. At least that’s my theory.

My husband thinks we keep healthy because he puts garlic in everything and we eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I know garlic has medicinal properties so he could be right.

The coldest part of our winter doesn’t hit until July and August, so it’s possible I might get sick yet. I’ve never had flu shots. Mr. Munro hasn’t either even though his employer provides them free of charge. My father usually has a flu shot as does my MIL.

Do you get sick every winter? Do you have flu shots? What do you think of my theories?


  1. Christina Phillips

    Shelley, huge congrats on your latest sale to EC! (So sorry I’m a few days late!)

    When we lived in the UK, I could easily spend up to 6 months of every year snuffling with one cold after another, but *touch wood* for the last 7 or 8 years I’ve rarely caught a cold (will probably come down with the flu in the morning now!!!) Don’t really have a theory though unless it was moving from England to Australia that did it!!

  2. Shelley Munro

    Thanks, Christina. :grin:

    It’s a lot warmer in Aus for a start! It’s often grey and dreary in England. That makes a person feel blue for a start.

  3. N.J. Walters

    I think you’re on to something, Shelley.

    We try to eat well and both of us are fairly healthy. No flu shots last year and no flu.

    I hope it stays that way.

  4. Debora Dennis

    I think smaller kids tend to bring home a lot more germs that the older ones. We definitely had more colds and flus going around the house when the kids were younger – but that could just be my perception (which is often skewed LOL)

    I don’t get the flu shot but hubby get’s it free at work and he does get it.

  5. Maria D.

    I get flu shots – but have not gotten the flu so I’m claiming that they work- I could be totally wrong. I do get sick during the winter unfortunately but I work with alot of people who have kids – I totally agree that those with children are more subject to germs- especially if the children are of school age and go to school. Another place that people get sick from germs is unfortunately Church- why people don’t keep their sick children home from church services I will never understand, it just subjects everyone else to their sickness. :evil:

  6. Mary

    Your theory is right on. When my daughter was little and in school she would bring home colds all the darn time and we would end up getting sick at least three times a year. Now that she has been out of the house, we haven’t been sick once.

    I never get a flu shot and I never will. I a a bit paranoid when it comes to these vacinations. I just don’t trust them very much.

  7. Beth Re

    i do get flu shots I think it helps,
    I don’t get sick every winter, I think you may be correct that you do not get sick that often because you do not have children

  8. Cari Quinn

    I used to get colds all the time. One winter about four years ago I got four! Since then, nothing. It’s pretty strange really, because I could always count on getting at least one a season. But I sure don’t miss them! And I don’t ever get flu shots either.

  9. Amy W.

    We get sick more often now that Emma goes to school, so yes on the schools spread bugs theory. I get sicker on years I get flu shots so I avoid them. Not sure about the garlic theory since my husband says I don’t know how to cook without it, he may be right, and I still get sick. He however never gets sick… bastard.

    Sorry I didn’t write we went to the water park today and the 100F + temps have melted me into a puddle of goo. It’s 12:30 in the morning and it’s 86F outside. Eek! I’ll try today but I don’t have email on this laptop and the computer room is sticky hot.

  10. Shelley Munro

    NJ – I hope I haven’t tempted fate. We do tend to eat a lot of vegetable though, and I think that’s a good way to beat lots of illnesses.

    Debora – I know my nephew’s kids seem to be sick a lot, but I guess kids are busy building their immunities up while an adult should be less suseptible to bugs.

  11. Shelley Munro

    Maria – maybe it’s certain flu shots but I often hear about people having a shot and then catching the flu. That’s part of the reason I’ve resisted – that, and I don’t like needles!

  12. Shelley Munro

    I wonder about vaccinations too, Mary. TB is one thing we’re vaccinated against. In New Zealand, we’ve had outbreaks and experts say it’s because children weren’t vaccinated. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know who to believe.

  13. Shelley Munro

    Hi Beth – I’m glad the shots work for you. It must be difficult for scientists to keep up with all the different strains that appear.

    Cari – I get sick about every three or four years and when I do, it’s usually really bad. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  14. Stacey Smith

    Garlic is sopost to be good for you i don’t know in what way. :???: But i do know that my brothers family is always sick but there is four kids living there and soon to be more. and then thay bring it over two me and i get it.


  15. Shelley Munro

    Stacey – maybe you need to ward the doors with garlic to keep the kids away. :mrgreen:

  16. Shelley

    Amy – no problem! A visit to the water park sounds ideal for a hot day and way more fun!

    Husbands are contrary creatures, aren’t they? :mrgreen:

  17. Angela

    okay okay …..i get every shot I can every year because I have two rug rats who bring home every thing know to man and maybe a few things that don’t. They are getting older and we seem to be tappering off. But, I tell you pre-school and Kindergarden is a killer! We eat tons of fruits and Veggie as I refused to feed them the “kids” menu which in resturaunts is abhorant…no one could possible survive on all that fried food they call the kids menu. Oh sorry I am going off :eek: This year we flew under the radar and missed the flu season thank the little fairy beings. :wink:

  18. Shelley Munro

    Angela – the flu shot and the healthy diet must have done the trick. :grin: