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Month: February 2011

Recipe: Pinata Birthday Cake

I saw this recipe for a Pinata Birthday cake on the Australian version of Better Homes and Gardens. It's for a children's birthday cake, but it was also perfect for my sweet-tooth father. I was a bit short of time and didn't make the cake. I purchased a sponge cake...

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The Senses: Thirteen Things That Relate to Smell

Two things made me think about smell today. I'm currently working on polishing book twelve in my Middlemarch Mates series and I'd overdone the word "smell". Also one of the ponds we walk past during our evening walk really honks. I think it's due to the hot weather...

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Recipe: Easy Beer Bread

Here's a very easy recipe for bread. It's the sort of recipe you can whip up very quickly when you're short of bread or you need some bread to go with a pot of soup. The recipe is from Jo Seagar's Easy-Peasy summer entertaining recipe book. Beer Bread 3 cups flour 3...

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Thirteen Ways to Have The Perfect Pout

This week I’m all about a sexy pout. Thirteen Ways to Have Sexy Lips and the Perfect Pout 1. The skin on the lips is delicate and tender and it pays to take care. Dead skin on the lips needs to be removed carefully. Do not bite or chew it off because this can lead to...

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Apple Crumble is one of my favorite desserts, which leads me to the main ingredient—apples. Thirteen Facts About Apples 1. A pippin is an apple grown from a pip. 2. Here’s a centuries old cooking tip: cook or serve apples with fatty meats and the acid will balance the...

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