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Month: May 2011

Writing the Paranormal Series Arc with Rosalie Lario

Today, I'd like to welcome author, Rosalie Lario. She's celebrating the release of a new paranormal romance called For Love of An Angel. Today Rosalie is talking about story arcs, and I'm really looking forward to your comments. Over to Rosalie... First off, I’d like...

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Stop To Smell The Roses

My special guest today is author, Casey Sheridan who is celebrating the release of her new book Ruby Red Metallic. Over to Casey. After spending eight hours at the daytime dungeon the other day, I was mentally pooped, but I knew I needed to sit down and write this...

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Meet Me At The Coffice

These days technology allows us to conduct business from anywhere. We can live in different countries and communicate with each other for business purposes. For example, one of my publishers often holds virtual meetings I can attend in the comfort of my lounge. On the...

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Craft Corner: Decorate a Vase

Better Homes and Gardens is one of my favorite lifestyle shows, and I always tape it to watch when I have time. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from writing and writing-related stuff and try a new craft. In one of the show segments, they decorated plain glass...

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The Misunderstood Beta Hero

My special guest today is Loose Id author, Lori Toland. She's here celebrating the release of her book Trust in Me. Over to Lori... I love Beta Heroes. You know, he’s the guy who is totally geeky. He probably wears glasses and typically can fix your computer or...

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Obsessed and Broken Characters

My special guest today is Lisa Sanchez who is celebrating the release of her erotic suspense, Obsessed. Over to Lisa... Hi everyone! Before I start rambling, I’d like to give a big shout of thanks Shelley for allowing me a guest spot on her blog. I’m so happy to be...

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