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August 13th, 2012
A Dose of Cute Animals

Since I’m deep in edit territory I thought I’d give you cute today with some of the animal photos I’ve taken over the years.


“Hey, what are you staring at?”

Pony at Farmers' Market

“Aw, why can’t I have a more modern style?”


“Who are you calling baldy? Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

Highland Cow

“My hairdresser said this is the latest style at the farm.”

Okay – put your captioning skills to work. Give me your captions for these photos.

12 comments to “A Dose of Cute Animals”

  1. You are very good with the camera. Have fun with your edits.

  2. Thanks, Brinda. As edits go, these ones are fun. I’m enjoying the process.

  3. No cations from me, but you take some adorable pictures.

  4. Thanks, Maria.

  5. Great pictures!!

  6. Thanks, Jennifer.

  7. Good luck with edits..You can never go wrong with animals..So adorable..

  8. I loved the pictures and the captions tickled to no end. Really enjoyed this. Thanks, Shelley.

  9. Lovely! And wish we could shear our alpacas that neatly. We need some more practice …

  10. Frog… Yes, I’m a little green.

    Horse…Watch this, I’m 2 seconds away from biting this human.

    Llama… Just take a little off the top.

    Bull…Hey, the emo look is in right now.

  11. Love ’em:) Good luck with the edits.

  12. Great pics as always, Shelley. I esp like the llama and Scottish Highland cow — the latter has got to be the cutest breed of cattle ever. A farm near work has some and I love seeing the little calves.