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January 9th, 2014
Thirteen Facts About January

Thursday Thirteen

When I was wondering about a topic for my thirteen this week, I started thinking about beginnings. January is the beginning of the year, and I thought that would make a great topic.

Thirteen Facts About The Month of January

1. January is named after the Roman god Janus, a god said to have two heads. He looks back to the last year and forward to the new one.

2. The birthstone for January is garnet, which is said to represent constancy.

3. The flower for January is carnation.

4. The stars signs of Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) and Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) fall in January.

5. A Northern hemisphere January is the seasonal equivalent of July in the Southern hemisphere.

6. It’s national Thank You month.

7. Saxons sometimes called January the wolf month because hungry wolves would prowl towns searching for food during this month.

8. January is the only month when the North Pole is usually colder than the South pole.

9. January always begins on the same day as October, except during a leap year.

10. The polish word for January is Stycznia, which comes from the word joining. It joins the old year to the new one.

11. According to US census information, January is fairly popular as a girl’s name. It comes in at around 3200th most popular.

12. Originally the Roman calendar ran from March to December. Names for January and February were added later.

13. Mr Munro was born in January – on 8 January to be precise. The same day as Elvis, he likes to remind me.

Are you a fan of January?

34 comments to “Thirteen Facts About January”

  1. is mr munro a hunk a hunk of burning love?

  2. Sure is :)

  3. cool facts THANK YOU!!!****

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Sandy.

  5. interesting – and Happy Birthday, Mr. Munro!

  6. Thanks!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr. Munro! These were interesting facts.

  8. Thanks very much :)

  9. Wow, who would think there was so much to say about January! Thanks and Happy B day to Mr. Munro!

    I love your factual blogs. I always learn something. Thanks again.

  10. Thanks, Mia.

  11. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone names January. “Thank you,” for this informative list.

  12. I haven’t met a January either.

  13. I savor posts like yours. Awesome facts. Knew about some, others I learned from you. Happy BD to Mr. Munro!

  14. I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

  15. Happy birthday, Mr Munro. My sister’s bday is Monday. Can’t say I’m much of a fan of January this year (it’s pretty much sucked so far), or that I’ve ever heard of anyone with that name. My T13

  16. I hope your year improves, Heather!

  17. Happy Birthday to him. A little late, though.

  18. Thanks, Alice.

  19. Happy birthday to Mr. Munro!

    And in honor of thank you month, thank you!


  20. Hubby says thank you :)

  21. Happy belated birthday to your husband! January is a special month for me because my wedding anniversary is January 29th. This year we’ll be celebrating twenty years of wedded bliss. :) Happy Thursday, Shelley!

  22. Happy anniversary for the 29th , Stephanie.

  23. Mr Munro is born on the same day as Elvis… Could he BE Elvis?! ;)

  24. He certainly can’t sing!

  25. Happy Birthday to Mr Munro for yesterday! I’m not the biggest fan of January but I prefer it to February.

  26. LOL Thanks, Emma.

  27. Great January trivia. I like January better than February. Happy Birthday to Mr. Munro!

  28. I’m a fan of February myself. All the kids go back to school and the mall is quiet again!

  29. I didn’t know that January was added later to the calendar. Awesome TT!!!

  30. I didn’t either. It changed with the Gregorian calendar, I think.

  31. Happy birthday, Mr. Munro!
    I can’t wait for January to be over. Too much snow!

  32. Way too much snow, I think. I’m glad it’s summer where we are.

  33. Happy Birthday to Mr. Munro.
    I like January because it’s always nice and cool. I hate the hot weather.

  34. It certainly gets hot where you live, Mary. I’d prefer the cool too.