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Month: October 2014

Thirteen Holiday Highlights

Hubby and I had an awesome holiday in September and visited the Baltic area along with parts of the Mediterranean. Thirteen Holiday Highlights 1. Visiting St Petersburg, Russia and gawking at some of the many treasures displayed in the palaces and mansions. So many...

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Golden Square, London

Visitors to London will notice there are lots of green areas in the Westminster and central city areas. Some offer workers a breath of fresh air and a place to while away their time during a lunch break while others are a private oasis available to the surrounding...

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13 Facts Learned from Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England

I’m currently reading Eavesdropping on Jane Austen’s England, How Our Ancestors Lived Two Centuries Ago by Roy & Lesley Adkins. While the title mentions Jane Austen and there are excerpts from her correspondence, this book really deals with birth, life and death...

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New Release! Snared by Saber

I have a new release today. Snared by Saber is the first book in my new series Middlemarch Capture. For those of you who enjoyed my Middlemarch Mates series, Middlemarch Capture features the descendants of those characters. Here’s the blurb: When a feline virus on...

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