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January 16, 2015

The Otago Peninsula – World Famous!

On Christmas day we spent time in Port Chalmers. The sail away was beautiful with fine weather – very different from the last time we were there when the peninsula was covered with fog and visibility was nil!

The scenery was gorgeous – blue skies and this group of people cheering and waving as the cruise ship sailed past.


This is me seeing the sights and waving back…


You get an idea of the scenery. New Zealand really is pretty. I hope you all get an opportunity to visit one day.

The Otago peninsula is special because it’s the only mainland colony of the Royal Albatross. Hubby took some awesome long range photos of the albatross on their nesting sites.

Albatros Colony

An albatross flies for long distances across the seas and oceans, but they always return to the same place and the same partner. Isn’t that romantic?

Albatros Love

A matched pair…yes, I think that’s romantic. Smile

At the farthest point of the peninsula there is a lighthouse, shown below.


The endangered yellow-eyed penguin also makes its home on the Otago peninsula, although we didn’t see any of those.

Is New Zealand on your bucket list? As me some questions or tell me where you’d like to visit first when you come.


  1. T.F. Walsh

    Missed seeing all your gorgeous photos, though I have been seeing them on facebook. Another of my 2015 goals – pick up my slack in blogging and visiting awesome pages like yours:)

    • Shelley Munro

      Blogging took a back seat for me too, during the latter part of 2014. Holidays and too busy writing. It’s great to see you :)

  2. Mary Kirkland

    I love seeing pictures of New Zealand. I’ve only seen pictures and I don’t do much traveling so pictures will have to be enough for me right now.

    • Shelley Munro

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed these photos. NZ truly is beautiful :)

  3. Sandra Cox

    The pictures are both beautiful and serene. Thanks for sharing.