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January 14, 2015

Making a List, Checkin it Twice!

I’ve participated in Thursday Thirteen for quite a few years now. I’m shifting things up a little this year – changing the rules. Instead of doing a list of thirteen items each week, I intend to vary the length of my list.

New Zealand Holiday 2014

Five Places I Visited Over the Christmas Break

Hubby and I ran away for Christmas and took a cruise around New Zealand and over to Melbourne in Australia.

1. We walked around Mt Maunganui and enjoyed a sunny day at The Mount. After our walk we relaxed with a few drinks. (photo of the beach – top far right)

2. During our stop at Wellington, we visited the Weta Workshop, famous for all the movie special effects. This is Golem from Lord of the Rings.

3. On Christmas day, we stopped at Port Chalmers, not far from Dunedin in the South Island. With not much open, we decided to go for a walk to counteract those Christmas goodies. We took photos of the Holy Trinity church.

4. Our walk took us upward as we tackled a hill. The road down was through shady bush.

5. The seas became rougher after Christmas day as a storm passed. The dining rooms were quieter and many people were sea sick. I didn’t get sick but I “visited” the middle of the ship because the range of motion is less there. The glass of ginger ale helped to settle my stomach too!

What did you do over your Christmas break?


  1. CountryDew

    Love the Gollum as I am a big LotR fan.

    Colleen @ Looseleafnotes and I have created a new Thursday 13 website. http://newthursday13.blogspot.com if you’d like to join up there. The meme seems to be in a messy state at the moment.

    • Shelley Munro

      That’s great. I’ll definitely sign up next week.

  2. A. Catherine Noon

    That sounds like a lovely trip!

    We relaxed at home and did a movie marathon, and I knitted a bunch. It was heaven. We even had Chinese take out. :)

    • Shelley Munro

      That sounds very relaxing. I also caught up on my movies over Christmas.

    • Shelley Munro

      New Zealand really is gorgeous :)

  3. Mary Kirkland

    Sounds like you had fun except for the bit of sea sickness.

    I stayed home and went to my daughter’s for Christmas and she made dinner this year. I watched my grandson open his presents and I found a doctor that makes house calls. I saw him for the first time on Dec. 24th.

    • Shelley Munro

      It’s always fun watching kids and presents. I think that part is magical. I love watching their faces.

  4. Alice Audrey

    Ah, so it’s the middle of the ship I should head for. Seems I always end up in the front or the back.

    • Shelley Munro

      Yes, definitely the middle and as low down as you can. Our cabin was right at the front. Not good if you’re in New Zealand waters!

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