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March 26, 2022

News: A Middlemarch Shifter Spin-off series

When I wrote for Ellora’s Cave, I tried my hand at a short paranormal romance. My aim was for a word count of less than 15,000. I wrote My Scarlet Woman and sent it to my editor only to receive a rejection. She liked what I’d done, but I’d crammed too much story into my romance, and it suffered because of it. Her suggestion was to rewrite my book into a longer form.

Right, I thought. I love this little story. This should be easy.

It wasn’t.

My Scarlet Woman I had so much trouble with the story and rewrote it several times before my editor gave it a pass rate, allowing My Scarlet Woman to become published.

In the first story, I introduced the oldest Mitchell brother, Saber. He had four younger brothers, and eventually, I wrote their stories. Friends turned up, and my Middlemarch community (inspired by the actual town of Middlemarch in the South Island of New Zealand) grew and evolved. Several years ago, I wrote the last book, but I added a surprise sixteenth book earlier this year. My Precious Gift was a fun book to write, and I fell in love with the series My Precious Giftagain.

This made me start thinking. Always dangerous!

After spinning several ideas through my mind, I decided to write a related series and feature some of the younger Middlemarch residents who were now (in my mind) old enough for their romances.

Middlemarch Gathering was born.

This series is different because the setting is Scottish first with a little of Middlemarch and cameo visits by old favorite characters.

The premise: Saber Mitchell and his cohorts on the Feline Council send six of their unmated shifters (three male and three female) to a special gathering in Scotland. The object of the meeting is to find a mate.

The books will be:

1. My Highland Mate
2. My Highland Fling
3. My Highland Wedding
4. My Highland Billionaire
5. My Highland Beauty
6. My Highland Gentleman

My Highland Mate and My Highland Fling are written and in various stages of production.

Watch this space for release dates and further news.