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The Lure of Small-Town Romances

Romances set in small towns are popular amongst romance readers. They’re a comfort read with a sense of warmth and community. The things I love about small-town reads: 1. The slower pace of life. 2. The gossip factor can be quite high since everyone knows everyone’s...

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The Terrifying Taniwha

I was brought up hearing tales from Maori mythology. Everyone in New Zealand knows of Maui who fished our country from the sea. One particular beast from the legends has always fascinated me, and that’s the taniwha. The taniwha (pronounced tan-e-far) is a Maori...

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Cover Reveal: Stranded & Seduced

A new member of the House of the Cat series! A pretty cover for a re-issue (Resisting Tamaki). Here’s the blurb: Resistance is futile. Cimmaron Zhaan refuses to follow the traditional path of a Dlog woman. Instead she dreams of traveling through space and flying...

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O is for One Night of Misbehavior

Titles are hard things to pin down—at least I find them difficult, and I can ponder and panic about finding the perfect title for a book for weeks. Titles also don’t begin with an O, but bear with me. Cinderella is my favorite fairy tale. I guess it’s the romantic in...

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