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A Free WordPress Class

I’ve been following Lorelle on Wordpress for a while now. She blogs about all things Wordpress and blogging, and I was delighted to learn Lorelle intended to run a free online course on setting up a Wordpress site. The course has just stared and runs for the entire...

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15 Facts About Leopard Shifters

I'm visiting the Coffee Time blog today where I'm discussing feline shifters. But I also have a question for readers - what draws you to try a new author? One lucky reader will win a book from my Middlemarch Mates series. Feline Shifters with Shelley Munro Come and...

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Serials – An Old Idea Made New?

There has been a lot of talk about fictional serials during the last few months with both publishers and Amazon embracing the idea. A serial is a single book broken down into instalments. These instalments go on sale one at a time with the ending hook of each serial...

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Notes on Thinking

I do my very best thinking in the shower. I think about my day. I think about my current work-in-progress and plotting problems. I think about my goals. The only problem with doing my thinking in the shower is that I can't take notes. By the time I get out of the...

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Playing the Odds

Author Adrienne Kress has an interesting post called It's Not About the Odds. She talks about the luck required in getting a publishing contract and how you can slant those odds in your favor by doing a great query letter. Rebecca at Dirty Sexy Books has a tongue in...

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Horses & The Monster That Shall Not Be Named

I often come across good articles and posts relating to writing and the writing business when I'm surfing on the net. What? You thought I wrote all the time? :grin: I don't know about you, but I enjoy both keeping up with the writing market and learning new things. I...

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Country Boy or City Sophistication?

So this track was playing on my iPod while Scotty and I wandered at our old-dog pace around the reserve this morning. It made me start thinking. Possibly a bad thing, but follow along... I'm a country girl at heart, and my husband also grew up on a farm. The farming...

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Romance on the Web.

Today I have a selection of interesting tidbits for you from the world wide web. The first is at Romancing the Blog and it's about books and censorship. This post shocked me. I dislike censorship of any sort and feel that adults should have freedom of choice. I can...

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