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Peanut Butter and Cat Burglars @CarinaPress #Romance

The Benefits of Peanut Butter by Shelley Munro

Most people think of peanut butter as a sandwich spread or maybe an ingredient in cookies. I like peanut butter on toast. My husband loathes the stuff and refuses to eat it. Peanut butter, according to him, is only fit as an ingredient for Bella’s dog biscuits. Our puppy Bella certainly doesn’t make any protests about the peanut butter.

Cat Burglar in TrainingWhile I was going through the editing stage of my contemporary mystery romance Cat Burglar in Training, I came upon a comment from my wonderful editor, Deborah Nemeth. She wrote, “Why didn’t anyone hear Eve (our cat burglar) break the window when she entered the building?”

“Heck,” I muttered. “How should I know?”

I continued with my edits, filing the problem away to mull over while I walked the dog. I returned from walking the dog none the wiser. Did Eve risk being heard and simply break the window, or did she open it with some handy-dandy tool from her cat burglar tool kit?

Eve is new to the job of cat burglar, taking over from her father who is unable to scale trees and walls because of his arthritis. She knows the basics but is definitely still finding her feet.

Yikes! How on earth is she going to enter the building? How am I going to fix this?

In the end I googled, and surprisingly, there was an answer.

Peanut butter! Who knew?

Here’s a brief excerpt from Cat Burglar in Training, showing how Eve managed to beat the problem without alerting the owners.

I scaled the wall in no time, stubbornly ignoring the pain in my arse. A ledge, a few inches wide, provided a place for me to collect myself. With a deep breath, I pulled a spoon and a jar of smooth peanut butter from my pack and plastered a thick layer on the window pane. Next, I retrieved a tube of cardboard cut to size—well, a fairly accurate guesstimate—and carefully pressed the cardboard to the peanut butter. A sharp tap with my hammer cracked the glass, but the sound was minimal. I replaced my tools in my pack, placed the glass-covered cardboard aside and reached through to open the lock. My entry via the nursery room window was clean and professional.

There you go. Problem solved. That’s how to enter a building without alerting the inhabitants.

What is your favorite use for peanut butter? Do you like it, or are you like my husband and avoid it at all costs?

Cat Burglar in Training is currently available for 99c at some retailers.

Purchase at: Carina Press| Amazon | All Romance eBooks | Nook| Koboicon| iBooks US|

Innocent Next Door

Take one alpha, army hero intent on offering protection and one virgin, country girl craving action and adventure, and you have the set-up for my latest release, Innocent Next Door.

Innocent Next Door is set in Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland city and harbor

Summer, the heroine, works in the city and sees a similar view when she grabs a cab or drives to Dare’s restaurant.

Auckland Albert Park

This is Albert Park, not far from the library where Summer works.

Sky Tower

This is the Sky Tower where Dare took Summer for lunch. They dined at the revolving restaurant at the top.

Rangitoto Mt Victoria North Head

This is Rangitito Island, (the cone shape in the rear) another view that Summer sees while driving around Auckland.



Both Summer and Nikolai live in Bottle Top Bay, not far from Papakura. Above are two shots of Bottle Top Bay, taken from the other side of the estuary. As you can see the tide is out, and when it’s out, it is really way out! It’s pretty though, and out in the country, but still not far away from the amenities of town.

And here’s the cover…

Innocent Next Door

I’m conducting an experiment, and this book is only available at Amazon. If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can grab a free copy.

Here’s the link to Innocent Next Door.

The second book in the series, Soldier With Benefits, should be available for pre-order very soon.

Do you enjoy books set in real places or do you prefer fictional settings?

Reasons to Read a Feline Shapeshifter Romance

I’m a real fan of paranormal romances–both reading and writing them. Although I’ve written a couple of wolf characters most of my shapeshifters are feline.

So, why do I like feline shapeshifters? Let me tell you…

Authors, Grab a Coffee and Tackle Social Media

Last year, author Amy Denim visited my blog with a post about Business Plans for Writers. It’s an excellent post and I recommend that you check it out. After hosting Amy, I decided to check out some of her other books, and I purchased The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers: How to Succeed on Social Media and Still Have Time to Write (Coffee Break Guides Book 1).

Coffee-Break-Guide-to-Socia-200x300I read it during my recent holiday, hoping for help, since I’m struggling with social media. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and I don’t have time to get sucked down an internet hole!

Amy’s book covers all types of social media, some of which I’ve never heard of. It’s easy to understand and set out well. The book starts with an introduction and explains the concept of the coffee break mentality. We take short breaks for coffee in order to relax and recharge before we start our writing session again, and Amy says this is the length of time we should spend on social media – five to ten minutes at a time.

With the swift-moving world of social media, some of the information is slightly out-of-date, but that doesn’t take away from the usefulness of this book. There is a list of resources, an example of a social media plan plus a glossary of social media terms.

This book is perfect for the beginning author who wants to solidify their position. While I’m not new to social media, I found this book very useful and busily bookmarked sections to refer back to at a later time. I’m a convert and intend to put what I’ve learned into practice this year.

Amy has written several other books in her Coffee Break Guide series, and posts useful promotional tips at her website Coffee Break Social Media.

Purchase The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media for Writers: How to Succeed on Social Media and Still Have Time to Write (Coffee Break Guides Book 1)

Other Coffee Break Books:

The Coffee Break Guide to Business Plans for Writers: The Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Control of Your Writing Career (Coffee Break Guides Book 2)

The Coffee Break Guide to Self Publishing: The Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Own Books (Coffee Break Guides Book 3)

I recommend The Coffee Break Guide to Social Media and urge you to check out Amy’s post on Business Plans.

I’ve Been Interviewed!

Author Nicky Peacock interviewed me about writing, time machines, vampires and life advice.
Here’s the link to Nicky Peacock’s blog and interview.

Bewitching Book Tours Hot Holiday Giveaway!

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Check out the Bewitching Book Tours Hot Holiday giveaway! I’m giving away a download of The Bottom Line, and there are lots of other great prizes to win including a Kindle Fire. Complete the rafflecopter below to enter the draw.

The Bottom Line


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Grab Your Free Copy of Fancy Free!

Fancy Free

Fancy Free, book one in my Fancy Free series is available for free until 24 November. Grab your copy from your favorite online bookseller today!

Stoned Plot Bunnies

In 2008 my husband and I visited Las Vegas. I’ve visited Vegas a couple of times and I always enjoy wandering the strip, people watching and gawking at the different sights. We were wandering through Caesar’s Palace and a plot bunny struck me over the head when I paused to look at a statue.

What if there were real people stuck inside that statue, I thought.

The plot remained inside my head, percolating along with all the other plot bunnies that get filed in there. Hubby will corroborate – I have a big head, so everything fits in there with no problem.

I couldn’t quite get a grip on why the people were stuck in the statue.

Then we visited Rome last year, and inspiration struck again as we wandered through the Coliseum.

My characters drove chariots.

They were “rock star” charioteers.

After that everything flowed nicely, and I ended up with a story that I called Stoned.

Stoned is out at Ellora’s Cave today.

Meantime here’s the video I’ve made for Stoned.

Tips for a Successful Goodreads Giveaway

I’m visiting Cindy Carroll’s writer blog today—Guelph Write Now. My post is about organizing a Goodreads giveaway, and I have a few tips for those of you who are interested in this type of author promotion.

While you’re there make sure you take the opportunity to enter my current Goodreads giveaway to win a print copy of The Bottom Line.

Weekends and Words on the Page

Mt Ngauruhoe, New Zealand

Hubby and I went away for the weekend to Matakana, north of Auckland. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a camera. Mr. Munro took several photos with his phone, but for some unknown reason his phone is holding them to ransom. Hopefully, we’ll break them out of captivity soon!

Instead of showing you the gorgeous beach we walked along, I’m posting a photo of Mt. Ngauruhoe, which is one of the trio of volcanoes situated in the middle of the North Island. This photo was taken during the summer. At present the entire Tongariro National Park is covered with snow and is a very cold place indeed!

Today it’s my turn to blog at Not Your Usual suspects. My post is a writerly one about getting words on the page.

Did you do anything special during the weekend?