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October 14, 2022

Beary Exciting: Claws and Paws

Claws and Paws

I adore bears, but we don’t have any in New Zealand. In fact, we don’t have any large mammals, so I’m always interested in seeing bears in the wild whenever the opportunity presents itself.

My Churchill Polar Bear series came to fruition after my husband and I visited Churchill in Manitoba, Canada, especially to see polar bears. It was a magical trip, and we spent several days viewing the polar bears and other local fauna, such as snowy owls, Arctic foxes, hares, and ptarmigans.

Recently, during a trip to Alaska, we spent an enjoyable few hours watching three adult black bears (two females and a male) fishing for salmon. One female had three cubs, and she’d sent them up a tree for safety from the lurking male bear. Two cubs remained in the tree, but one adventurous soul descended and grumbled at his mother. I could almost imagine him saying, “Is it time yet?”

His Mom growled, and the baby shot back up the tree…until he climbed back down and repeated the process.

Recently, I teamed up with a bunch of talented authors, who all write bear shifter romances, for the anthology Claws and Paws. Our anthology contains stories featuring grizzlies, polar bears, and even a koala. Bears are fascinating creatures, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned.

Five Beary Interesting Facts

1. Bears have excellent senses of hearing, smell, and sight. They can smell food from miles away. Their super noses and ears are also helpful in locating their cubs and mates and staying away from predators.

2. Bears are known to risk their lives to protect their cubs and siblings. They care deeply for others.

3. Bear cubs are playful and boisterous. Like human moms, Mother Bear will step in to halt any dangerous play.

4. Bears feature in several Viking and Celtic myths and legends. They usually portray the strength and protectiveness of bears and showcase their prowess.

5. Bears tend to move slowly and walk one meter per second. We, humans, are a little speedier at 1.4 meters per second. But bears can surprise with short bursts of speed of up to 40km per hour, so don’t run from them!

Here’s the blurb for Claws and Paws:

Fall in love with this paw-some collection of 11 bear shifter romances!

Watch out, werewolves, the bears are coming!

Whether you want to challenge the alpha, cuddle a bear cub or meet your fated mate(s), this box set has it all. From action-packed fantasy romances to small-town love stories, each and every story involves hunky bear shifters.

Don’t miss your chance to binge-read this collection of passionate, steamy bear shifter romance novels by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. This collection is available for a limited time only!

Included are 11 previously published m/f, reverse harem, and ménage romances. Each is part of a series, so you have the chance to spend even more time with your new favorite characters.

Purchase link: https://books2read.com/clawspaws

Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand and writes paranormal and contemporary romances full of adventure and humor. Also, a dead body or two. Visit Shelley at www.shelleymunro.com