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Saturday, December 3rd, 2016
Interview with Leilani Love #DarkLegends #99cents


Leilani Love

Featured Book: Violca’s Dragon

Hello everyone. Nice to meet you.

Hello, Leilani! How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing? I’ve been writing for about seven years. I moved to a very small town in Oregon. I had enough time to start reading again and one day…started writing

How did you come up with this storyline? My witches are born from my dreams while my storyline came from research on dragons.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? The worst part of writing is editing. Not my strong suit. I wish you just wrote your rough draft and it was done and magically edited itself. Favorite part of writing is coming up with my characters and my storyline. I fall in love with all my characters.

What inspires you to write? The voices in my head of course. Just kidding, there is something that makes me feel complete when I write. My imagination has always been over active so now it has an outlet.

How did you conduct your research for Violca’s Dragon? I researched dragons. The dragons I went back and forth on and looked up different myths. I end up settling on the Greek’s version of dragons. What would happen if the God’s didn’t kill the dragons after they helped killed the Titans? What reason would they have to spare their lives? And if the Gods did keep them around…would they let them stay as big and powerful?

What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Violca’s Dragon?

Chase saw a flash of hurt in her eyes and he stepped in front of her, cupping her cheek, making sure she looked at him when he answered, “I kissed you because there was no way I could be near you and not.”

Chase knew that smiling at her right now would not help him, nor would telling her she looked beautiful when she was angry.

Chase smirked, looking down and she noticed a small tent forming under the blanket. Violca felt her cheeks heating up, and clearing her throat, she tried to hide her embarrassment when he announced, “As you can see I’m already up. But if you’d like, I’ll join you downstairs in a few minutes.”

More Favorites from Violca’s Dragon: Fun scene between Chase and one of his best friends: Chase headed over to his bag, and grabbing a shirt, pulled it over his head. “Put your shirt on Scott, before you scare the kids.” Scott chuckled, flexing. “You’re just worried that Violca will have a hard time keeping her hands off the guns.” Chase snorted. “Guns, really?”

What would your friends say is your best quality? Sarcasm and shenanigans of course.

Are reader reviews important to you? Of course. Writing for the most part is very solitary and you wonder if anyone is going to read your book, let alone like it. Reviews and messages from people who enjoyed my book make my day and encourage me to keep going.

What do you do when you don’t write? I have two boys that keep me very busy and a day job. I also read and love to go hiking.

Tell us about your other books? The other books I have written are part of the same series. Showing you more of this world and other characters that lives all tie together in some way.

Thank you guys for taking the time to get to know me a little better. I hope you guys all have a wonderful day!

author-bio1 leilani-love1

Leilani Love is a proud mother of two very active boys. She loves traveling to new places and meeting new people wherever she goes. Thus far, Leilani has visited Paris, DenBosch and Amsterdam and hopes to one day return. On her next trip she hopes to be able to make stops in Scotland and Italy. Currently residing in California, she has also lived in Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Virginia, Texas, Washington and Oregon. She loves to read books and has a passion for various genres. Her love affair with dragons began when she was young and she still dreams of having her own dragon and Black Panther. For now, she is content to write about them in her books.


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Wednesday, November 30th, 2016
Interview with Author TF Walsh #DarkLegends



Demon’s Mark by T.F. Walsh


Award-Winning and Int’l Bestselling Author


Legends, Mystery, And Romance You’ll Want To Get Lost In

Demon hunter, Levi Walker eliminates the bastards using divine weapons. One monster at a time until he tracks down the demonic filth that killed his best friend. So when he finally corners the beast, it’s payback time. But with the newest hunting recruit making an appearance and catching him off guard—the same minx who broke his heart months earlier—the fight takes a deadly twist. The demon targets Cary, but in Levi’s attempt to save her, they both get marked for death.

Cary Stone’s secret will get her thrown into Hell faster than a demon jacked up on virgin blood. Born a half-demon, she’s always followed her father’s instruction—never get close to anyone, never stay too long in one place, and always work alone. Except this past year, she’s managed to break every single rule by getting a job hunting demons, falling insanely for Levi, and getting them both on the hit list by the biggest mercenary in Hell. But revealing her secret to Levi comes with the complication of him attempting to exorcise her. Whichever way she turns, death awaits. All she really wants is a normal life and a chance with Levi, but looks like that’s a fantasy she’ll never have.

Warning: Super-sexy hunters, dominance & submissive themes, and a terrifying hellhound named, Blinkie.


Steam poured out from the open shower door like smoke from the fiery gates of Hell. She flapped her shirt with her free hand but it did nothing to cool her down.

She stuck her hand with the tweezers through the open glass door, mist everywhere. “If you got out of the shower, put some pants on, and sat on the couch, I could easily remove those splinters.”

Warm, wet fingers banded around her wrist. Her head jerked toward him, her eyes flying open.

Levi’s long hair was slicked off his face. His eyes were the warm shade of brandy and seemed to strip her bare of her defenses. “The steam will help get them out.”

The softness in his gaze weakened her resolve. Water sluiced down his face, over his lips, dripping from his chin onto a sculptured chest that called to her. An inferno swarmed her insides, and her gaze shot upward toward his face.

Her attention dipped to the ink on his chest, just above his heart, reminding her of a shield. The protective rune reduced the chance of demons possessing him. It didn’t eliminate the possibility. Nothing did. But the rune was like the rhythm method—it wouldn’t save him but it might help his chances—even if just a bit.

The rounded Rune encased a flame with neither a beginning nor end.

“It’s below my right shoulder.” His mouth curled upward with a wicked expression. She shut her mouth tight or she’d be asking him to help her undress. “The splinters,” he prompted.

Words tumbled free without her consent. “Sure… Umm… I mean, let’s do it.”

He released her hand and turned away from her, but his wet hair covered the flesh skin below his shoulders.

“You always had long hair?” She pushed the wet strands aside and spotted two large splinters. Yep, he was telling the truth.

“My dad rarely got his hair cut, and I guess I got picked up his habit.”

“Hmh.” Her gaze fell to his butt. Two dimples sat above his firm ass and while her first reaction would have her reach out, grope him, and lick the beads of water off his skin, she strangled the tweezers in her hand to keep from reaching for them. Why was she torturing herself?

Studying the corded muscles in his back, she zeroed in on the two shards of wood again. She placed a hand flat between his shoulder blades, and scorching heat radiated from him.

Focus. Despite her shaky hand, she plucked them out. Blood bubbled from the wounds.

“You’re done.” She only made it one quick step away from the shower before Levi had turned around.


Silence floated between them with nothing but the sound of running water. He wrapped an arm around her waist, drawing her against his wet body. The moisture soaked through her clothes. Her mind emptied as his hardness pressed against her, and her libido did somersaults. He withdrew the tweezers from her clutched hand and set them down somewhere behind her.

“I wish you’d returned my calls,” he said.

Her response jammed somewhere between her toes and ears, along with any rational thinking. Unless of course, someone considered ripping their clothes off to jump a naked hunk reasonable behavior. Cary had lost focus on anything but Levi’s body mashed against hers. His warm breath on her face. The tightness of his grip around her hips. She felt tiny in his arms. Nothing mattered right then. Not the demons, not her secret, not even making sense of why Levi hugged her when she’d made it clear a relationships between them couldn’t work.

Beneath his gaze, she melted. He offered her a temporary fairytale escape. With his hand threading through her hair, drawing her closer, every nerve in her body stood on end. She raised herself on tippy toes and tilted her head back to reach his mouth. He leaned forward, his soft lips grazing hers. Fire shot through her body.

“I saw you come in the bathroom before, spying on me.”

“What!?” author-interview1

T.F. Walsh

Featured Book: Demon’s Mark

It’s wonderful to be here, and I’m super excited to chat with you. Can’t wait to see what questions you’ve got lined up for me. Fire away.

How long have you been a writer, Tania, and how did you come to writing? While I’ve only been writing for about five years, I like to think that a writer has always been living inside my head. I grew up listening to bedtime Romanian stories that could only be compared to the Brothers Grimm tales, and ever since then folklore and mythology has fascinated me. I remember as a child, I enjoyed scribbling stories on pieces of papers and on the inside of book covers. I even signed the books as if they were my own. Let’s just say, my sister wasn’t impressed when she found her books written on. It was years later when I fell ill with a horrible flu that I pulled out my laptop out and decided to type up some of my ideas. And ever since, I haven’t been able to stop :)

How did you come up with this storyline? Well, funny story. I was going through this phase of watching Supernatural and Dog the Bounty Hunter shows… addicted is a better way to describe it, anyway, after getting my fix, a story came together in my mind. A half-demon hiding in plain sight in the human world and working alongside the country’s best demon hunter. What could possibly go wrong… right?

On another note, I went through another phase of watching those b-grade snake movies too – Anaconda vs Python. But no story has spawned from them yet!!

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? I love hearing from readers what they thought of my stories, if they’ve been touched by a scene, did they connect to a character. The aspect of writing I adore is creating fictional worlds, and then getting lost in them. The hard part is stepping back from my creative side and editing. Needs to be done because I’m a big believer that great stories are rewritten during edits, but that ride sure is a bumpy one.

What inspires you to write? The passion of delving into my imagination and letting anything happen.

How did you conduct your research for Demon’s Mark? Lots and lots of reading on the topics I’m writing. Much of this was done online. So in Demon’s Mark, I did extensive research on how priests exorcise possessions, understanding the hierarchy of demons, what exactly are hellhounds and their abilities (You’ve want to meet Blinkie in Demon’s Mark!!). I also watched lots of YouTube videos to really see the streets of Detroit and Ann Arbor as I’ve never been there.

What are 3 of your favorite quotes from Demon’s Mark? Oh this is so hard…

Cary shifted in her seat, her insides buzzing. “Thanks, but I only spank guys I’ll respect in the morning.” — Levi stepped closer, his eyes hooded. “You might have just ruined me for any other girl.” — What did hellhounds snack on anyway—steaks, rabbits, arms? But the real question was who had sent it?

More Favorites from Demon’s Mark: “Because your Cary is a fantasy. She’s not me. And you know nothing about the real me! Did you know that I hate cherries. I always sleep with socks, even in summer. And I sponsor seven kids in Bolivia.” A shiver rolled down her back, and she rubbed the goose bumps from her arms. She locked her gaze with him and braced herself for his smart-ass response.

What would your friends say is your best quality? Wild imagination + positiveness

Are reader reviews important to you? Absolutely… I love hearing from readers and seeing how my stories made them feel. How they interpreted the story and characters.

What do you do when you don’t write? I actually work as a social media manager for a kitchen appliance company in Sydney, Australia :)

Tell us about your other books? My Wulfkin Legacy series follows a band of wolf shifters from Transylvania and their struggle to find their mates amid secrets, danger and a power-hungry alpha who doesn’t care who he crushes to get his way. The first story in the series, CLOAKED, begins with Daciana who leaves the pack to live in the city and falls for a forbidden human detective. The latest book in the series (#5) comes out December 2016 – Cloaked in Christmas.

And for readers who adore dragon-shifters, then my story, FALLEN ASHES has just come out. It follows the story of Fallen, the last dragon-shifter trying to escape capture by the Queen. But getting herself magically bound to the Queen’s Guardian wasn’t on her to-do-list. Neither was falling for him. But he has a hit list with Fallen’s name on it. And if she dies, so does he. Along with the rest of the world.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be? I was born in Transylvania, and a lot of my stories are based in Romania which is a country seeped in legends. I love introducing readers to new locations and making them feel like they are discovering new worlds.

It’s been a blast and if anyone has any questions, be it about my stories, giant reptiles, or Transylvania, please feel free to reach out to me at



TF Walsh emigrated from Romania to Australia at the age of eight and now lives in a regional city south of Sydney with her husband.

Growing up hearing dark fairytales, she’s always had a passion for reading and writing horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult stories. She balances all the dark with light fluffy stuff like baking and traveling.


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Sunday, November 27th, 2016
Interview with Author Vivienne Savage #DarkLegends



Making Waves by Vivienne Savage


Award-Winning and Int’l Bestselling Author


Curvy beach babe Alessa Kokinos has scored the perfect life at the Yucatán’s hottest island resort. She has a dream job caring for ocean wildlife, and every spring, her best friend, Dante, returns to the island as a surf instructor. The only thing that could make her happier would be if he finally realized how much he means to her.

Dante isn’t the typical human Alessa believes him to be. He’s a hippocampus, a water horse shifter from the Mediterranean. Each year, his herd migrates back to the island to feed and bear their young in the tranquil turquoise waters. There is no safer place in all the world for the hippocampi – but for Dante, time is running out.


Author Note: Dante has never watched his friend Alessa perform in the mermaid tank. In this scene, he arrives and realizes something is changing about their relationship.

Desire hit me hard and fast, a sudden freight train sweeping away my common sense and ability to reason.

Alessa is my friend, I repeated while approaching the glass to stare at her. As I watched her perform for the crowd I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She twisted and turned through the water, a beautiful sea nymph who enchanted the younger viewers and enraptured the adult males.

I didn’t want them watching her. Hot jealousy washed through me followed by the urge to charge all the leering men in the room. My wild, animalistic instinct called for me to drive off the other male contenders. Only then, could I dive into the tank to claim my mate.

Whoa. The reckless path my thoughts took made me step back. It’s Alessa. This can’t be right. She’s a human.


Vivienne Savage

Featured Book: Making Waves

Hey, everyone, I’m Vivienne, or Vivi if you prefer. I’m happy to answer your burning questions about my work.

Hello, Vivi!! It is great having you join us! How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing? I’ve been writing professionally for about 3 years now. Wow, that time has flown by. Before that, though, I would write for fun. Stuff that should probably never see the light of day, if I could ever find it.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? The best is really getting to put my ideas and thoughts out there in a tangible way. I get to share my stories and most of the time, people to seem to love them. As for the worst, I’d have to say marketing. It takes up a lot of time – time that I could be using to write instead of filling out endless forms. A necessary evil, I’m afraid.

What inspires you to write? Life. Things that have happened to me, whether with my family, friends, or while attending school or work. I have friends, too, who will tell me a funny story about what their significant other did. After we’re done laughing I’ll ask if I can use that for a character.

How did you come up with this storyline? You know what, I don’t remember exactly what inspired Making Waves. I wanted to show more supernatural creatures in the world than what you normally see, and I was bored with the usual bears and wolves. So I got to thinking about mermaids and water horses, which led to a fun, beachy read.

Eventually, I want to do an entire series of mythological beings like unicorns and phoenixes.

How did you conduct your research for Making Waves? I watched a few documentaries on deep sea research and marine biology. One of my children is a Nat Geo lover, so we spent hours watching videos about ocean life and the food chain. Between that and movies like Happy Feet, I cobbled together my own ideas. By the way, if you’re a David Tennant fan, I recommend Dolphins: Spy in the Pod. He narrates the entire thing for the BBC and his voice is ear-sex.

What is one of your favorite funny scenes from Making Waves? In this scene, my heroine Alessa is convincing her boss to expand the resort’s mermaid attraction by including men. I love this scene because the resort owner is actually a dragon shifter, and they love money. “If you really want to expand the attraction, you’ll have Kekoa or one of the other hot guys squeezing into a tail. The ladies want mermen. We want rippling abs and Adonis belts on display while hot guys perform their best Michael Phelps impressions.” Teo rubbed his chin, his eyes lighting up with interest. Bingo. The girls were going to owe me for this one. “Teo, do not listen to her. No one wants to see me in a merman tail,” Kekoa disagreed. “Rippling abs, Teo. Think of how Marcy loves to touch yours. Think of the Return on Investment as needy women hemorrhage money to see his pecs.” I stole a glance at Kekoa to find him glowering at me. “I win,” I mouthed to him. No one could change a dragon’s mind once money was involved.

Are reader reviews important to you? Reviews are important to every author. Not just so we can qualify for certain promotions or get better views on retailers, but because they also help me improve. I will go through my bad reviews and make a serious effort to improve where they say I’m weak.

What do you do when you don’t write? What’s free time? Kidding. I spend time with my kids, play with my pet menagerie (I have two dogs, guinea pigs, a pair of geckos, and a conure who might as well be a toddler), read, and play video games.

Tell us about your other books? I started off with dragon shifters and they’ve quickly become a beloved series. In fact, my newest title – Crush- released today (9/28). Pssssst, go get it!! I also have a trio of books featuring some sexy military vets who are shifters in the same world as my dragons. Sometime this year I hope to get the next Wild Ops novel written. It will feature Sasha, who is a lioness shifter. Also in the same world, I have werewolves, witches, and other mythological creatures. You get to meet my hippocampi in Making Waves, as well as a cameo from a dragon or two.

Thank you so much for sticking with me. Readers really are why I write and publish. If you want to know more about me and follow my books, you’re welcome to join my readers group on Facebook – Vivienne’s Sirens author-bio1 vivienne-savage21 Vivienne Savage is a resident of a small town in rural Texas. While she isn’t concocting sexy ways for shapeshifters and humans to find their match, she raises two children and works as a nurse in a rural retirement home. Socail Links.jpg

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Saturday, November 26th, 2016
Interview with Author Xyla Turner #DarkLegends



Broken Treaty by Xyla Turner


Award-Winning and Int’l Bestselling Author


Jessica Cayman is an ambitious Account Executive for Delancey, Inc. She stays in her lane, works hard and has her eyes set on becoming a partner within the next year. The plan is easy until Sage Wesley,III from The Company refuses to work with her.

His aversion to Jessica turns into a kiss that literally has both of them off their feet. Floating in midair? Then a bite on her neck? There are too many secrets and Jessica soon finds herself in the middle of an old war between vampires and hunters all because of broken treaties. excerpt1

(Sage’s internal strength is wearing thin as he tries to stay away from Jessica. However, he finds himself at her office and all bets are off)

I slammed the door, stood there in front and took off my gloves. If I had to have a lasting impression on my hands and body, it would be hers.

“What are you doing here?” She turned at the slamming of the door, then stood up.

“I had to see you.” I ground my teeth as I held back with a serious amount of restraint.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“No,” I growled. “I’m not alright.”

She rounded the desk and started walking towards me.

“Oh my God, what’s wrong?”

“Stop,” I snapped and held up my hand.

I was hanging on by a fucking thread. It felt like I had been in the sun for hours and was about to combust. What was happening to me?

“What have you done?” I growled at her. “Ever since you came around, I’ve been fucked up. Your scent…”

I stopped myself because she would think I was bat-shit crazy. Well, I felt like I was going to be.

“What? Scent? Do you need me to call an ambulance?” She was becoming frantic.

Her heart rate increased, and her brows came together in confusion.

I took a deep breath in an attempt to gain my composure. “No, I’m fine.”

She inched towards me again with one hand out.

“Sage, can I take a look at you? You don’t look good.”

She was so close her scent stung my nostrils, and if I had tear ducts, they would have leaked. Her hand touched my face, and I knew that presence would stay there for days. Lifting my chin, I looked at her through hooded eyes.

I could not help it. Shit, I did not want to help any of it. Jessica was who I wanted, and that was that.

I grabbed her wrist and jerked her towards me. My lips crashed down on hers and for a brief moment, she submitted to me and let me take my fill of her. Her lips were soft, pliable and open for me. My hands began to roam her body and landed on her ass so that I could feel that for days. Her hands gripped both of my arms right before she abruptly pulled back.

Her fingers immediately went to touch her lips as those wide dark eyes stared at me with shock, horror and surprise.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” She gasped.

Then without any warning at all, she smacked me right across the face.

“I can’t believe you.” She looked at her hand, almost surprised that she used it. “Oh my God.” author-interview1

Xyla Turner

Featured Book: Broken Treaty Hey Everybody, my name is Xyla Turner and I’m a new romance author who has decided to spread her wings in the many different genres that I’ve grown to love. I’m so excited that you’ve taken the time to tune in about my story that is included in the Dark Legends, this awesome, box set.

Hello, Xyla! You had me at mid-air sex scene! But, let’s get started. How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a teenager but I finally published an inspirational and children’s book in 2012. My first romance novel, The Chase, was published in 2015 and it was inspired through a bit of internal unrest. I was at a crossroads in my life and didn’t know what to do. So, I decided to either write about what I wanted for my life or sit and cry about it all. Thankfully, I decided to write and four days later, fifty-five thousand words were written and I haven’t stopped writing since.

How did you come up with this storyline? This storyline was in connection with a collaboration with two awesome authors, Olivia Gaines and Tiana Laveen. We had central connecting characters who were at the same company but they were very strange and supernatural. My book, Broken Treaty, features Sage, a one-hundred and thirty-year old vampire who meets a woman, that is not from his tribe and she has him breaking all the rules. I love when strong men are broken by the natural wiles of their true mate.

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? The best aspects of writing include creating a new world that you enter in and can build from scratch with your own ideas. The funny part about that, is the characters have a mind of their own, so I guess it’s not entirely your world. The worst aspects of writing for me is the aftermath. After, I type “The End,” the hard work starts. Edits, edits and more edits. Reading, reading and more reading, more edits, more drafts and the cycle seems to never end. This work, for me, is tedious.

What inspires you to write? Life! I need nothing but to walk down my street to think of a story. My inspiration to write is really to get the stories and characters out of my head. Tell their story, so that in some small way, so many of our own stories are told. It’s something to read about a character that is ‘you’. I love when readers can connect but I love when they say, ‘that is me.’ It reminds us we’re not alone in the world.

How did you conduct your research for Broken Treaty? This was my first paranormal romance, so I did a variety of research including online searches, re-watching a few of my favorite vampire movies again, checked out some paranormal books and asking readers their thoughts about major changes to vampire’s stories. It was interesting that readers were not open for alterations of the traditional vampire.

Name a Favorite from Broken Treaty: Mid-air sex scene. Enough said. :-)

What would your friends say is your best quality? My friends think I have an active imagination, I’m a problem solver and I have great ideas.

Are reader reviews important to you? Oddly enough, reader’s reviews are important to me. As I said before, I’m a fairly new author, so the more constructive feedback, the better.

What do you do when you don’t write? Usually, I hang out with my family, my nieces and nephews, catch up on my television shows or do some sort of extreme sport.

Tell us about your other books? Most of my other books are about alpha men and the sassy women who tame them. They are diverse, sexy and for grown people. I’m starting another series in another genre, New Adult, that will feature the collegiate atmosphere but also incorporate sexy characters and the growing pains of adulthood.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be? My motto is Switch the Style Up and this is something that I’ve done as an author because I don’t like to be boxed into one category. So, I encourage readers to do the same. Switch It Up.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to hearing from you all about the stories in this set. I would encourage you to check out Broken Treaty, so you can meet Sage & Jessica! :-) author-bio1 xylaturner-transparent11

Xyla Turner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a teenager, Xyla wrote short stories and essays that have won numerous awards in local to nationwide competitions. She is an avid reader, but a sucker for romance. Specifically, sassy females and dominant males. Xyla is a dedicated educator and a life coach. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel. She writes different genres, but her favorite is romance.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2016
Black Friday Sale ~ 25% off #AReBlast


25% off Selected titles, today only

Most of my titles are included in the sale – check them out here.

Some suggestions – how about one of my new box sets?

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Sunday, November 20th, 2016
Interview with author H. J. Lawson #DarkLegends #vampire


 H.J. Lawson

Featured Book: New Order


Hello, Hayley, welcome. So happy to have you here today, so let’s get started. How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve been writing for two and a half years. I had a story in my head and just couldn’t get it out of my head. Since that day I’ve had more ideas everyday.

How did you come up with this storyline? 
I liked the idea of a new twist on a vampire story, one in which the vampires aren’t the really enemy, but the government is. 

What are the best and the worst aspects of writing? 
Best is getting lost in a world, researching new ideas. Worst is all the ideas! I really have too many, I could write a new book every day if I had time.

What inspires you to write?
Readers, I love reading reviews and reading how they enjoyed the adventure that I took them on.

How did you conduct your research for New Order?
I research locations, characters, and vampires. 

What would your friends say is your best quality?
That I never give up.

Are reader reviews important to you?
That’s why writers write, to entertainment readers.

What do you do when you don’t write?
I work as a designer, and in my free time  hang out with family and like watching movies.
Tell us about your other books? I’ve got a fun adventure time travel series, science fiction, thriller, I have a book for everyone.

If you could share one thing about yourself that you would like readers to know what would it be?
I’m hoping one day my dreams will come true and I will be a full time author living in Spain, enjoying time with my family.

Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of yourself with our readers and fans. We loved having you here today.
Happy reading.
Thank you


H;J. Lawson is an English author who currently resides in New York. When she’s not writing, she spends her time watching movies and hanging out with her family. She is the author of the following young adult books: The War Kids Series and The Sanction Series.



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Saturday, November 19th, 2016
Newsletter Contest

Answer one or more of these questions in the comments section to enter the contest.

1. What is your favorite movie to watch at Christmas?

2. If you’re going out to dinner, what sort of restaurant are you most likely to go to and what will you eat?

3. Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? What color and style are they?

I thought I’d give you my answers…

My favorite movie to watch at this time of year is Die Hard 1. I love the characters, the action and the Christmas music, and I usually wander around doing quotes from the script for a week after rewatching this movie. *grin* The movie Love Actually comes a close second to Die Hard.

I adore Italian food, and it’s usually easy for me to get something vegetarian at an Italian restaurant. Pasta, pizza, salad. It’s all good!

My favorite shoes are a comfortable pair of black running shoes. I hurt my right ankle earlier this year, and these are the shoes that the physio recommended. He wasn’t wrong.

I’m looking forward to reading your answers. Good luck with the contest.


Friday, November 11th, 2016
Playing to Win #99c #sale #romance

Playing to Win, my romantic suspense is on sale today and tomorrow for 99c.


Here’s a short excerpt for you:

“Do you want me to answer the door?”

Kate hesitated before heaving a resigned sigh. “No, I’ll go.”

When she reached the front door, she halted, took a deep breath and pasted a smile on her face. She opened the door. Her smile faded when she came face-to-face with two police officers. Alarm flared within her. The police did a wonderful job but personally, Kate could do without them arriving at her front door. They brought bad news. She gulped and took another deep, fortifying breath.

“Is something wrong?” she asked. “Jamie, my son?”

They both flipped identification at Kate. “Are you the owner of this property?”

Kate scanned the IDs without really seeing them and slowly lifted her gaze back to their faces. What else could go wrong today? “Yes. How can I help you?”

One of the police officers took a small notebook from his pocket. “What is your name please?”

“Katherine Alexander. Is something wrong?”

The two officers exchanged a guarded look. “Do you own any garden gnomes, Mrs. Alexander?”

“It’s Miss.”

“Miss Alexander, do you own garden gnomes?” he asked his question patiently.

“Gnomes?” Kate stared, waiting for the punch line.

“Yes, gnomes,” one officer repeated, his lips twitching in what looked like the beginnings of a grin.

“No.” Kate shook her head. Personally, she thought they were ugly.

An elderly woman marched around the corner of Kate’s house. Tall and lean, the woman’s dress hung on her body like clothes on a hanger. Straight up and down. A coat hanger with a temper, Kate amended when she took in the woman’s pinched lips.

“No doubt about it!” The woman’s voice sounded as sharp as her angles. “They’re mine! The person on the telephone told me they were my gnomes, that she’d stolen them.” She folded her arms across her scrawny chest and gave a defiant nod. “I want them back. Gnome-napper!”

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
A Visit to the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, England #travel

I’ve always been a big reader. Although I read primarily for entertainment, I learn all sorts of random facts and pieces of trivia. The moment I read historical romances featuring falconry, I was fascinated.

I’ve never mentioned my fascination to anyone, but when we were planning our recent trip to Britain, I decided I’d do some research. I was delighted to discover the Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre, which not only offered the chance to fly birds but bed and breakfast accommodation too.

The Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre is situated in a beautiful part of the world, in the Exmoor National Park and not far from the small village of Portlock.

Exmoor Bed and Breakfast

According to their website, the some of the buildings date back to medieval times. It was certainly a beautiful spot and very peaceful.

Bedroom at Bed and Breakfast

This was our bedroom, which was very comfortable. The breakfast the next morning was delicious and set us up for the morning of owl and hawk flying.

Hubby and Owl

We were given gauntlets plus a pouch full of chicken wings/legs to feed the birds as a reward when they flew to us. You can tell by Mr. Munro’s expression that he was enthralled with the birds. I was too, and would repeat the experience in a heartbeat. This little fellow was beginning to molt, which is why his feathers look a bit ruffled.

Hubby and Barn Owl

This is a barn owl. He was very pretty, but not very cooperative. Not long after this photo, he flew up into the rafters and refused to return to either of us.

Barn Owl

A close-up. Isn’t he handsome?

Shelley and Hawk

We moved outside and flew this hawk. I thought the birds would be heavy, but it was easy to hold their weight.

The owner of the center answered all our questions, and when he learned we were from New Zealand, he told us about his New Zealand owls. We have only one, commonly called a morepork. Mr Munro and I have seen one when we visited Little Barrier Island, but most New Zealanders have never seen one, although we often hear them call at night. We were allowed to have photos with the morepork or Ruru.

Hubby and Morepork

They’re quite a small owl. I’d call them cute.

Shelley and Morepork

Exmoor Countryside

This is a photo of the narrow country lanes and the beautiful countryside. If you’re ever in the Exmoor area I highly recommend a visit to the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre. It was a holiday highlight, and a true bucket list experience.

Monday, November 7th, 2016
Like A Little Humor With Your Romance?


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