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Dragon Investigator series

A Visit to South Georgia Island

South Georgia is a small island in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It’s a British territory, and the island’s nearest neighbors are Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. Until I visited the region in early 2020, I’d never even heard of South Georgia. Now I know what I...

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The Mysteries of Vegemite

I was doing a final read-through for Snow Moon Dragon, my next release, and I realized I had my characters eating toast and vegemite for breakfast. In fact, quite a few of my characters like vegemite. Here is the excerpt: Aware of Nyree’s impatience, he drank his...

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It’s All About The Dragon

Love romances featuring dragons? Check out these romances including my Blue Moon Dragon (on sale for 99c) and Blood Moon Dragon. I Love Dragon Romances - Take Me To The Promo Page Right Now

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