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Lora Leigh

Review: Collision Point by Lora Leigh #review #newrelease

From #1 bestselling author Lora Leigh comes Collision Point, part of the thrilling Brute Force series—packed with powerful men, steely women, and explosive passion. SHE’S NOTHING BUT TROUBLE Riordan Malone is more than a bodyguard. As an Elite Ops agent, he’s ripped,...

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Hiding in the Writing Cave

I'm busy with edits at the moment and have worked all weekend on writing. It's keeping me out of trouble, that's for sure! I have edits on two manuscripts. One down, and I'm thirty pages into the second. Tomorrow I have a special guest. JK Coi is visiting and talking...

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Romance on the Web.

Today I have a selection of interesting tidbits for you from the world wide web. The first is at Romancing the Blog and it's about books and censorship. This post shocked me. I dislike censorship of any sort and feel that adults should have freedom of choice. I can...

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A Contemporary Read

Thirteen Contemporary Romances I've Read Recently I'm going through a contemporary blitz at the moment and thought I'd share what I've been reading. I enjoyed all the following books but have noted my extra favorites. I'm also after some sympathy. I did a header over...

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