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Reasons to Read a Feline Shapeshifter Romance

I'm a real fan of paranormal romances--both reading and writing them. Although I've written a couple of wolf characters most of my shapeshifters are feline. So, why do I like feline shapeshifters? Let me tell you...

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The Love of Reading

This photo was taken during our river cruise from Central Sydney to Parramatta. We don’t have pelicans in New Zealand, so we always snap a photo when we see one. They’re such curious looking birds. Today I’m visiting NJ Walters, and I’m getting back to basics. I...

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I Love You

Since I discovered romance when I was about twelve, I’ve been a voracious reader. There’s something about the romantic journey and the growing intimacy between a couple that hooks me, and I’m a real sucker for a happy ending. Some people call romances trite and...

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Contest: How Many Books?

I'm jetting off on holiday for fourteen days to Singapore and Phuket in Thailand. During my holiday I intend to spend at least some of my time catching up on my reading. I have my e-reader loaded up with dozens and dozens of books. Definitely more than I can read in...

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Do You Do It In Public?

Ah, that made you look. Sorry if I've disappointed you, but I'm actually talking about reading - do you read romances in public? I used to do a lot of reading while I traveled via bus or train to work. I'll admit that although I'd read a romance, I'd pick one off my...

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Hiding in the Writing Cave

I'm busy with edits at the moment and have worked all weekend on writing. It's keeping me out of trouble, that's for sure! I have edits on two manuscripts. One down, and I'm thirty pages into the second. Tomorrow I have a special guest. JK Coi is visiting and talking...

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