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Reasons to Read a Feline Shapeshifter Romance

I’m a real fan of paranormal romances–both reading and writing them. Although I’ve written a couple of wolf characters most of my shapeshifters are feline.

So, why do I like feline shapeshifters? Let me tell you…

The Love of Reading

Pelican, Sydney

This photo was taken during our river cruise from Central Sydney to Parramatta. We don’t have pelicans in New Zealand, so we always snap a photo when we see one. They’re such curious looking birds.

Today I’m visiting NJ Walters, and I’m getting back to basics. I became a writer because of my love of books and reading, so today I’m talking about reading and what books I’m reading at present.

I Love You

Since I discovered romance when I was about twelve, I’ve been a voracious reader. There’s something about the romantic journey and the growing intimacy between a couple that hooks me, and I’m a real sucker for a happy ending. Some people call romances trite and predictable, but I find the predictability comforting. I like knowing the couple will end up together, and I live for the moment when they admit their love for each other.

I like romances where the couple openly state their love and say the three little words—“I love you.” I’m not as keen on romances where the main couple end up happy-for-now and there’s a hint the relationship might not last. For me, it’s important the couple commit to each other. In all of the books I write, the featured couple admit their love and say, “I love you” because that’s the way I like it.

What about you? Do you need the main couple to state their love or are you fine with merely a happy ending and the implication that they love each other? Are the words important?

Contest: How Many Books?

I’m jetting off on holiday for fourteen days to Singapore and Phuket in Thailand. During my holiday I intend to spend at least some of my time catching up on my reading.

I have my e-reader loaded up with dozens and dozens of books. Definitely more than I can read in this time. I thought I could make a fun contest out of this. Guess how many books I read during my holiday and go into a draw to win one of my print books. I also have a few other things I’ll slip into the package such as pens and post-it notes.

I’m a fast reader.
I’ve read 158 books during the year to date.
The books vary in length and genre.
I intend to read short stories, novellas and long novels.
I intend to spend time swimming, shopping and sightseeing so deduct reading time from this.

Put your best guess in the comments section of this post. Both readers and authors are eligible to enter. Only one guess per person. In the event of more than one person guessing the correct number I’ll do a random drawing. The winner will be notified shortly after my return home.

How many books will I read during my fourteen-day holiday?

Do You Do It In Public?

Ah, that made you look. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you, but I’m actually talking about reading – do you read romances in public?

I used to do a lot of reading while I traveled via bus or train to work. I’ll admit that although I’d read a romance, I’d pick one off my to-read pile that didn’t have a lurid cover. These days when I go out, I take my PDA and anything goes in the reading department. If someone asks what I’m reading they get erotic romance with all the naughty words when they ask for a closer look. I’m also more likely to just grab a book and read it, no matter what the cover.

I’m off on holiday in just over a month and considering which reading material to take with me. Along with my ebooks, I’ll probably grab two or three books from my to-read pile since it’s my mission to make the pile of books beside my bed disappear this year. Most of them are erotic romance, so I guess the folks at the holiday resort will have some interesting discussions ahead. Have you seen what that woman is reading over there? I’m not too worried. I’ll be relaxing by the pool with my book and a fruity little cocktail…

Do you do it in public? Why or why not? Do lurid covers stop you from reading in a public place?

Hiding in the Writing Cave

I’m busy with edits at the moment and have worked all weekend on writing. It’s keeping me out of trouble, that’s for sure! I have edits on two manuscripts. One down, and I’m thirty pages into the second.

Tomorrow I have a special guest. JK Coi is visiting and talking about her latest release. I hope you’ll pop by to visit.

Despite being busy I still have a book on the go. I’ve just finished Only Pleasure by Lora Leigh. This one wasn’t one of my favorites of hers, and I actually found myself skimming. Next off the pile is Body Language by Suzanne Brockmann.

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Southern hemisphere – welcome to Monday!

What are you reading at the moment?