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Recipe: Moroccan Chickpea Soup

This is a new recipe I made to use up some chickpeas. It’s simple and easy to make and tasty too. I’ll definitely make this again.

Moroccan Chickpea Soup

Note the cute bread roll, shaped like a small loaf of bread. We purchased a new tin in the weekend. Smile


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 medium onion – chopped
  • 2 celery sticks – chopped
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 600ml vegetable stock
  • 400g can chopped tomatoes
  • 400g can chickpeas , rinsed and drained
  • 100g frozen broad beans
  • zest and juice  of ½ lemon
  • ground black pepper
  • coriander or parsley to garnish


1. Heat the oil in a pot and add the onion and celery. Fry until the vegetables are softened then add the cumin and fry for a minute.

2. Add the vegetable stock, tomatoes and chickpeas plus some ground black pepper. Simmer for ten minutes.

3. Add the broad beans plus the lemon juice and zest and cook until the broad beans are tender.

Shelley’s notes:

1. I didn’t have broad beans and substituted frozen soya beans. This worked well.

2. I served mine with a spoonful of natural yoghurt dropped in the top and a bread roll.

3. This soup is not only delicious, but it’s low in calories.

Source: BBC Good Food.com

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Recipe: Warming Winter Carrot & Lentil Soup

With the arrival of cooler weather, I decided to make soup the other night. I wanted to make a soup in the crockpot and chose this recipe for carrot and lentil soup from Joan bishop’s New Zealand Crockpot and Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Carrot and Lentil Soup


1 onion, chopped into dice

3 cloves crushed garlic

1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin

1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger

2 large carrots

7 cups of vegetable or chicken stock

300g split red lentils (about one cup)

2 Tablespoons lemon juice



1. Preheat the crockpot.

2. Combine all the ingredients apart from the lemon juice and the salt in the crockpot.

3. Cover with lid and cook on high for five to six hours.

4. Add the lemon juice and salt to taste.

5. Cool a little then puree either in a food processor or with a blender. Return to the crockpot and reheat.

6. Serve with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt swirled in the top and fresh bread or pita bread.

Shelley’s Notes:

1. I added some chopped leeks to my soup since I had some in the fridge.

2. This soup was really easy since I dumped everything in the crockpot and left it to cook. The final product was delicious. I’d definitely make this soup again.

What is your favorite soup to eat/make?

Recipe Review: Fix-It and Forget-It Vegetable Soups, Stews and Chilis by Phyllis Pellman Good

Fix It and Forget It Vegetarian Soups, Stews and Chilis

Today I’m reviewing a vegetarian cook book.


Fifty scrumptious and savory soup recipes for any season

These time-tested, easy-to-manage recipes for soups of all flavors have one thing in common: loads of healthy vegetables. Whether you’re looking for a hearty supper or a light weekday lunch, Fix-It and Forget-It Vegetarian Soups offers delicious choices to make in your slow cooker or on your stovetop, such as:

Vegan Chili·      Corn Chowder·      Homemade Vegetable Soup·      Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup

And much more!


As the title suggests, this book contains a collection of vegetarian recipes for soups, stews and chilis. The recipes are from home cooks and most of them are perfect to cook in a crockpot/slow cooker.

What I liked about this book:

1. The recipes give an indication of preparation and cooking times.

2. The ingredients were all things I’d find in my fridge or pantry.

3. As a New Zealander I often find American recipes use measurements that I need to convert. This book is easy to follow with no maths required. Measurements used are cups and spoons.

4. The recipes were appealing. I’d be happy to try most of them, and they weren’t overly complicated.

5. They’re mostly recipes that can be made ahead and are perfect for busy cooks.

6. It’s a vegetarian cook book!

What I didn’t like about this book:

1. The title suggests that there are soups, stews and chilli recipes. While this is true, the majority of the recipes are for soup with only about four chilli recipes and one or two stews.

2. Not every recipe has a photo to go with it. I think that most cooks like a photo so that they can compare their final dish with the one in the recipe book. At least that’s what I do when I’m cooking. I like to think that my dish turns out just like the one in the book.


This is a handy and inexpensive book to have in your cooking library. It would be a great gift for a busy parent or maybe a student who flats and doesn’t have much time to make nutritious dishes. It would also be excellent for a beginner cook since the instructions are clear and concise.

Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase Fix-It and Forget-it Vegetable Soups, Stews and Chilis

Recipe: Pea and Pesto Soup

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Make sure to leave a link, so we can read what you have to say. I hope you’ll join in when your weekend (or recent) reading or movie watching fits in with the theme. Remember, the definition of Weekend Cooking is free and easy, if you think your post even remotely fits the theme, grab the button and sign in to Mr. Linky.

Pea and Pesto Soup

I first saw this recipe on a Nigella Lawson cooking show. She’s my favorite celebrity chef, and I always enjoy trying out her recipes. This one is quick, simple and fairly low calorie for those of you who are on a diet.

Cooking 074


750 ml water
375 g frozen peas
2 spring onions, trimmed but keep whole
1/2 tsp table salt
1/2 tsp lime juice
4 Tablespoons fresh pesto
2 Tablespoons pine nuts (optional)

Boil the kettle, and once the water is boiled measure out the correct amount of water into a pot. Bring back to the boil.

Add the frozen peas, spring onions, salt and lime juice to the pot. Cook everything for about 7 minutes.

Discard the spring onions and place hot liquid into a blender. Add the pesto at this stage. Blitz until soup is smooth. Toast the pine nuts in a small fry pan until they start to color. Sprinkle over the soup and serve.

Shelley’s notes:

1. This soup was delicious. I used a hand blender and my finished soup had a few chunky bits. I was fine with that since I like a little texture in my soups.

2. I didn’t have pine nuts, so I garnished mine with grated cheddar cheese and a dollop of non-fat yoghurt.

3. This soup served two.

Who is your favorite celebrity chef?

Recipe: Zuppa Di Ceci (Chickpea Soup)

This is a new recipe I tried recently. It’s both quick and easy to make and the final result was delicious.

Chickpea Soup

2 cups of chickpeas (cooked)
4 tablespoons of Olive oil
2 onions, finely chopped
2 carrots, finely diced
2 sticks celery, finely sliced
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh rosemary
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
4 zuchinni, diced
3 x cans Italian tomatoes, chopped
4 tablespoons tomato paste
1 cup water
freshly ground black pepper

Heat oil and add onion, carrots, celery, rosemary, garlic and zuchinni. Fry gently without browning for 10 minutes or until the onion is soft.

Add the cooked chickpeas, tomatoes and tomato paste plus the water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 minutes or until soup is thick and creamy. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil on top of soup. Serves 4 – 6 people

Note: I halved the quantities of most of the vegetables and used one can of chickpeas and one can of tomatoes. I also grated a little parmesan cheese on top.

Serve with Beer Bread

Source: Cuisine Magazine, New Zealand

Pumpkins and Kitchen Gadgets

I promised Gabriele a pumpkin soup recipe. There are lots of variations of pumpkin soup. I make a vegetarian version and leave out the bacon. I replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock.

knob of butter and a little olice oil
1 onion chopped
3 – 4 cloves of garlic minced
1 tsp grated fresh ginger
2 tablespoons mild curry paste (I use curry powder)
3 – 4 rashers of bacon, rind removed and chopped
1/2 cup buttercup pumpkin pieces, peeled and seeded
5 cups chicken stock or 4 cups stock and 1 of water
light seasoning of salt and fresh ground black pepper
coconut cream to garnish (I use plain greek yoghurt)
fresh herbs such as coriander or thyme for garnish

Place the butter and oil in a large saucepan. Add the onion, garlic and ginger and cook until softened with a gentle heat. Add curry paste and when fragrant (allow about 30 seconds) add the chopped bacon and pumpkin pieces.

Constantly turn the pumpkin to avoid catching. Add stock and cook until the pumpkin softens. Once cooked process with a kitchen whizz until smooth. Season and garnish with coconut cream and fresh herbs.

Note – this soup always tastes better the next day so make it in advance if possible.

And in totally random news – I saw an ad for some new pots. The knobs come off the pot lids. The handles also come off and this allows for easy stacking in cupboards and also the dishwasher. They also have these nifty plastic lids so you can stick them in the fridge. They also come in frypans. I saw some in our local kitchen soup. Man, I’m in love. I’m lusting after these pots, and unfortunately, they’re expensive. I’m not big on kitchen gadgets, preferring to do most things by hand, but I really want these pots!

Do you like kitchen gadgets? Kitchenware shops?