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A Whale of a Tail #cute #animals #travel

This photo of a breaching humpback whale was taken in Alaska a few years ago. The humpback whales are amazing creatures and can be very curious, coming right up to the boat and doing lots of spyhopping to see what the strange humans are doing. I've been lucky enough...

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Sea of Change: 13 Facts About Killer Whales

This week, my latest book went live at most online retailers. Sea of Change is a paranormal shifter romance featuring orcas. Thirteen Facts About Killer Whales 1. The killer whale is also known as an orca. 2. They are a toothed whale and are actually the largest...

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Thirteen Favorite Animal Encounters

Regular visitors to my blog will know how much I enjoy travel. When the travel is combined with seeing animals in their natural habitat, I’m there because there is something very special about viewing animals on their home turf. Here are some of my favorite animal...

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