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Fancy Free, Book 3


Jen Alexander is intent on fulfilling a promise to her mother. She’s heading back to school to finish her education, but a remote controlled vibrator shoves her on a detour.

For her ex-boss Wayne Garrett, the night of Jen’s party is a revelation. Now he’s seen her sexy side, he plans on seduction big time—a private party for three. But worried his feelings for Wayne could spoil their friendship, his business partner Sebastian Lang refuses to play.

Wayne wants Jen. Sebastian wants Wayne. Jen doesn’t want any man since her boyfriend ditched her by text minutes before the party. It’s going to take a lot of laughter, fun and hot seduction before the three can decide exactly what they want and how to get it.

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Wayne turned to Sebastian. “Are we going to let her get away with that?”

“We’ve both got dates tonight. We can hardly ditch them. That would put us on the same level as Giles.”

“True.” Wayne sighed before a brainwave struck. “Let’s give her time to stew tonight and ambush her tomorrow.”

“I like Jen, but why are you so interested in her all of a sudden?”

“It struck me this morning when I saw her. An epiphany. The perfect woman has been sitting under my nose. She’s sexy yet sensible. She has a brain and doesn’t agree with everything I say.” The more he thought about romancing Jen, the better he liked the idea. “I like her a lot. She’d make a good wife and mother. What do you think? A little black-haired, brown-eyed mini-me.” He paused. “Maybe they’ll have Jen’s blue eyes. It’s possible.”

“Don’t you think you should run your ideas about marriage and children past Jen first? She’s focused on getting her qualifications.”

“I know. That’s the downside from our point of view, but don’t you think we could be good together?”


Sebastian’s noncommittal reply bugged Wayne for the rest of the night and into the next morning. His friend was struggling with something. Wayne had no idea what the hell it was because, as usual, Sebastian was keeping his troubles close. He’d changed since his marriage but, thank god, Sebastian had come to his senses and called quits on his union with Veronica, the barracuda. Maybe he was still healing or thought he was a failure. Some shit thing like that.

Movement behind him had Wayne reaching for the coffee pot. He sloshed coffee into a mug and shunted it across the table to Sebastian.

Wayne took in Sebastian’s reddened eyes and the dark shadows underneath. Taken in conjunction with a day’s stubble, it made him look like a thug. “You okay?”

Sebastian grunted, his hand curling around the coffee mug.

“Didn’t you sleep?”


“Want to go out for brunch?”

Sebastian glanced up from his coffee, cast him a look. “You buyin’?”

“Yep.” Wayne drained the last of his coffee and stood. “Let’s go.”

“Are you still going ahead with your plan to woo Jen?”

Wayne tested the idea of abandoning his plan. He scowled, not liking it at all. “Yes. It’s a good plan.”

Sebastian set his mug down and rose. “You’ll want me to move out then. Find my own place.”

“Hell no.” Wayne didn’t even have to think about it. “You’re like my brother, man. Closer than a brother. I figured we’d woo Jen together. Blue-eyed kids would work too.” To Wayne’s astonishment, Sebastian clenched his fists. He looked as if he wanted to flatten him. “What? What have I said wrong?”

“A threesome isn’t normal.” Sebastian’s pale eyes flashed with temper. “Not if you want marriage and kids. Besides, don’t you think Jen should have a say in the matter? Way I heard, she’s off men at present and she’s not too happy with us. She refused to speak to either of us after we went back inside the hall last night.”

“Jen never holds a grudge.”

“There’s always a first time. We doing brunch or not?” Sebastian grabbed the keys to his truck and stomped out the door.

Wayne stared after his friend before slowly following. He’d get to the bottom of whatever was chafing Sebastian’s butt eventually.

* * * * *

“I’m not talking to you,” Jen said the second Gaby joined her at the corner table of the Sloan cafe.

“What did I do?” Gaby batted her dark eyelashes, trying to pull off innocent. She didn’t come close.

“You could have warned me about the remotes for your vibrators.” She glanced around the café and leaned closer to whisper, “Other people’s remotes work on my vibrator.”

Gaby clapped a hand over her mouth, but not quickly enough to hide her smirk. Caught in the act, she gave up trying to hold back her amusement. Her throaty chuckle rang out, attracting way too much attention for Jen’s peace of mind. When Gaby managed to pull herself together, she asked, “Um, do you know who had the remote?”

“Wayne and Sebastian.” This time a grim tone shaded her voice. Her bosses. Of all people! Sex and her bosses together in the same sentence. Way too dangerous territory. Nope, not going there.

“Both of them?”

Agh! “Yes.” And she still couldn’t believe the way she’d trembled and shivered in their arms. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life, and it’s your fault. I heard your lecture about making sure I was on the Pill just in case the condoms broke, but I’m positive you never warned me about interchangeable remotes!”

The doorbell tinkled, indicating that more customers had arrived.

Gaby glanced up briefly before turning her attention back to Jen. With her black spiral curls and dancing eyes she looked the picture of an irrepressible imp. “Don’t you like them?”

“Of course I like them but that’s not the point.”

“What is the point, sweetheart?” The masculine drawl jerked Jen upright. Her spine struck the back of her wood and chrome chair.

“They’re standing right behind me. Aren’t they?” Jen glared an accusation at Gaby. “You could have warned me.” Her head jerked around so rapidly it was a wonder she didn’t suffer whiplash. “You two always pop out of the woodwork at the perfect time to cause me maximum embarrassment.”

“Pull up a seat,” Gaby said. “We’re about to order.”

“I’m sure they have better things to do,” Jen said, glowering at the two men before focusing on her traitorous friend.

“Not really.” Wayne’s brown eyes twinkled with mischief. The perfect foil for his shiny black hair. Excellent. Pair him with Gaby, and Jen had a matching set of imps.

Sebastian didn’t say anything, merely pulled out a chair and planted his butt.

Gaby clapped her hands together. “That’s settled then.”

“You mean you want to witness them tormenting me. Newsflash, boys. No vibrator today.” Her voice had risen and heat galloped into her cheeks when she noticed the elderly women at the next table whispering to each other. She lowered her voice. “End of discussion.”

“No need to worry. We have plenty of sex toys at home,” Wayne said. “You can take your pick.”

Jen’s breath caught, and it was nothing to do with the mention of sex toys. It was the temptation to nod and agree to the crazy proposition. Food. That might fix her lightheadedness. “Breakfast is not the right time to discuss sex toys.”

“It’s closer to lunch,” Wayne said, after a swift glance at his watch.

“I discuss sex toys all day, every day,” Gaby piped up.

“Quiet in the cheap seats.” Jen lowered her gaze and studied her menu. She knew it off by heart, but she was frightened to witness their expressions. Heck, she could easily imagine them. “What is everyone doing this afternoon? I’m going to work in the garden and mow the lawn before the place becomes even more of a jungle. I won’t have as much time once the school term starts the week after next.” Hmm, a fry-up or something healthy?

“Fletch and Liam are working this morning,” Gaby said, mentioning her two men. “We might go for a swim at the river later if the sun keeps shining. I was thinking a picnic dinner since the days are so long now. You should come too. All of you.”

“Tempting, but the gardening is a big job. I doubt I’ll finish in time.”

“I’ll mow your lawns,” Sebastian said. “Wayne is visiting his family.”

“True. I’d help, but it’s my mother’s birthday,” Wayne said.

Jen jerked her attention from the coffee-splattered menu. “You don’t have to help me. I’m sure you have better things to do.”

“Don’t argue,” Sebastian said, his tone final.

Jen’s lips pressed together, keeping her words of protest trapped behind her teeth. For reasons unknown the powers that be had decided to give her a hard time this week. “Fine,” she gritted out, showing none of the gratitude such an offer would normally attract. “If you want to get all hot and sweaty it’s no skin off my nose.”

“Sounds dirty,” Gaby said.

“Shut up,” Jen snapped. “It’s not too late for me to order a hit man and set him on you.”

“You’re a bloodthirsty wench,” Wayne said. “We’ll have to watch you.”

“If you’d stop picking on me, you wouldn’t need to worry about hit men,” Jen said.

“Ah, can I take your order now?” The young waitress edged away from Jen, her eyes wide and wary.

Heck, where had she come from? Calm breaths. In. Out. In. Out. All she needed to do was get through one lousy breakfast. How difficult could it be?

What followed next was an entire hour of teasing and leg-pulling, a lot of it at her expense. Gaby and Wayne were in top form while Sebastian appeared tired and plain grumpy, not contributing more than the odd grunt.

They left the cafe together, splitting up when they reached the small car park at the rear of the building. Jen’s house wasn’t far and she’d walked. She waved goodbye and set off, striding past the dress shop and the jewelers. Mrs. George, the florist, was busy setting out her buckets of pastel-colored stocks, and Jen sniffed appreciatively as she waved hello.

A vehicle sounded behind her. Instead of speeding past, it slowed.

“Jen, I’m gonna drop Wayne off. I’ll be at your place in half an hour,” Sebastian called.

“You don’t have to mow my lawn.”

“Don’t argue,” Wayne said.

“Jen,” Sebastian said. Her name held a warning and she gave an irritable shrug.

“Whatever.” Jen stormed away from his truck, feeling as if her life were careering out-of-control. She continued her stomping all the way home. Stupid man.

In her bedroom, she changed into a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. She slapped a cap on her head and collected a trowel and a pair of gardening gloves from the garden shed at the rear of her house. Thankfully she only had one garden left to weed, the big one at the front of the house. When her mother was still alive this garden had always been ablaze with color every summer, and the fragrant scent of sweet peas had filled the air.

Sebastian pulled up in the driveway ten minutes later. He climbed out, still wearing a frown and looking like hell. “Where’s the mower?”

“In the garden shed at the rear of the house. The petrol can is there too.”

He gave her a clipped nod and stalked off. The man could be moody, yet he was always fair with his employees. Even so, he seemed worse than normal. Shaking away her curiosity, she returned to the garden bed and weeding.

In the distance, the motor mower roared to life, and Jen started to yank both weeds and the remnants of old plants from the soil. Part of her wanted to replant the garden with sweet peas to hold the memory of her mother close. Yet common sense told her to fill the garden with no-fuss succulents. She wouldn’t need to water them much, and if she put down weed mat and pebbles, she’d save herself time when it came to weeding.


Jen sighed inwardly and rotated her neck and shoulders to ease the tension from remaining in one spot for too long. She resumed pulling weeds. Moving on with her life was good. It was what her mother had wanted for her.

Half an hour later the roar of the mower came closer as Sebastian started to mow the strip of lawn along the side of the house. From where she was weeding, she couldn’t help but notice that he’d removed his shirt and tucked it into the back pocket of his jeans. The black T-shirt trailed after him like a tail, but it was his sweaty torso, glinting in the sunshine, that grabbed her attention. Wow. Just wow.
Muscles rippled as he pushed the mower in a methodical pattern around the lawn.

A car slowed and turned into her driveway. She jerked her attention off Sebastian to face her visitor. Giles? What the heck did he want? Surely he’d said everything the evening before in his terse text?
Jen removed her gardening gloves and stood, brushing the seat of her shorts with her hands as she went to meet Giles. Since he was here he could return the remote she’d given him for the vibrator.

“Giles, what are you doing here?” she shouted, in an attempt to be heard above the mower.

The mower stopped, leaving an uneasy silence and the ring of her voice.

Giles smiled broadly. “I wanted to ask you out for dinner.”

“You broke up with me last night. By text.” Her eyes narrowed on him. “You didn’t have the guts to do it in person.”

“Look, babe. I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Let me take you out to dinner and make it up to you.”

Jen’s fists clenched at her sides. “Where were you thinking of eating?”

“We’ll go to the inn. It’s expensive but you’re worth it.”

“Where did you go last night?” Her fingernails dug into her palms.

“I had a migraine,” Giles said. “Seb, mate. What are you doing here? I didn’t realize you were having money problems and had started mowing lawns.” His ringing laughter was plain malicious.

“Lying bastard,” Sebastian snapped from behind her. “I saw you with Rachel, down by the river last night when I drove past. You didn’t have a headache.” He took a couple of rapid steps toward Giles, but Jen grabbed Sebastian’s arm and dug in her heels until he stopped.

Giles retreated rapidly, suddenly wary.

“Don’t hit him,” she said to Sebastian. She turned her attention back to Giles. “Sebastian is helping me out with the garden work.”

“Why not? He treated you like crap.”

“Do not hit him. Giles, do you have the remote control for my vibrator?”

“Yeah, it’s in the car.” Giles regained his confidence and smirked, his brows going up and down in a suggestive manner. “Should I push the power button?” His gaze wandered from her face, down her form-fitting T-shirt to linger at her crotch.

“Could I have it please?” She smiled pleasantly.

“Right now?”

“Yes please.”

Giles shrugged and opened his door to paw through the junk covering the passenger seat. “Ah, here it is.” He handed it over, letting his hand linger on hers during the transfer.

“Thank you.” Jen repressed a shudder at his touch.

“So how about dinner tonight? And maybe afterward we could experiment with the toys Gaby is always giving you.” He smiled and placed his hands on her shoulders.

She shook them off. “I don’t think so, Giles. You’re a no-good, two-timing rat, and I wouldn’t date you again if you were the last man in New Zealand.”

Shock flickered across Giles’ face, swiftly followed by anger. “I was only using you for sex,” he snarled.

“Is that right?”

A dangerous growl sounded behind her.

“And you’re not even good at that,” Giles added.

Jen’s fist lashed out before the thought even registered. She struck his nose with a loud, satisfying crunch.

“Ow!” Blood poured down Giles’ face and splattered over his cotton shirt. He cradled his nose and moaned pitifully.

“You should go,” Jen said.

“I’ll press charges. I have a witness.”

“I didn’t see a thing,” Sebastian said. “I was tying my bootlace.”

Giles cursed and stumbled around to the driver’s door of his vehicle, still holding his nose. A few minutes later he drove off, steering with one hand and holding a wad of tissues to stem his bleeding nose.

“How come you told me not to hit him?”

“Because if anyone was going to hit him I wanted it to be me.” Jen didn’t move until Giles’ car disappeared around the corner. Then she folded up, a whimper of pain escaping her compressed lips. “I think I’ve broken my hand.”

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