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Dragon Isles, Book 2

October 8, 2020

Love is a mystery, but dragons are real.

Cherry is gutted when her friend Liza disappears, presumed drowned. She has no time to mourn, however, since she must keep Liza’s daughter safe from Liza’s ex. Cherry sneaks away to Holy Island, where she meets a big, sexy, tattooed man washed up on the beach. A big, sexy, deluded man since he insists he’s a dragon.

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Martinos has escaped the dungeon only to wash up on the mainland. Returning to the Dragon Isles is not his most immediate problem, though, since his dragon is bound, and he cannot shift.

Unlucky in love, Cherry is surprised when Martinos returns her growing lust and camaraderie. While the man has a flawed mind, he’s excellent with Liza’s daughter and not one of Cherry’s internal alarms ping. With Martinos, her life is stimulating, and she’s falling for him. Then, everything she thought she understood about dragons pops like a balloon, and her real adventure begins.

You will love this second book in the Dragon Isles trilogy because it introduces a courageous and curvy human, a sexy dragon suffering through hell through no fault of his own, and an unfamiliar world full of mystery, magic, and mayhem. Plus one or two dragon-caused incidents when tempers race out of control.

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Cherry Lawford grinned as she listened to Liza Carrington rave over the panoramic view. Her best friend was driving along the coast after a trip to interview a couple in a small Northumberland village.

“I have the top down, and the wind is blowing in my hair. It’s such a gorgeous day. I can see Lindisfarne in the distance. You know—Holy Island. We should visit the island one day soon.” Liza’s voice sounded distant because she was using her speakerphone while driving.

“We can have a Tony-free weekend since the crossing over to the island depends on the tide. Imagine. Any drama will be of our own making.”

“And here I am stuck in the bookstore,” Cherry said.

“You love your books and your store,” Liza countered, her affectionate tone curving Cherry’s lips to another smile. “It’s one of my favorite places too.”

“I’m up for a weekend trip. Mum won’t mind filling in for me for two days. You’re right. We deserve a break from your ex. I can’t believe the dick move he pulled at Joanna’s school.”

“I’m not surprised.” Liza blew out a frustrated sigh, her irritation transparent even though they couldn’t see each other. “Tony is escalating after I categorically refused to pay him off. I mean, if I cave and give him cash, what’s stopping him from approaching me for more in six months? He wasn’t capable of holding onto money during our marriage. I doubt he’s changed.”

“Why won’t he sign the divorce papers? I don’t get it,” Cherry said.

“He lives to mess up my life,” Liza said, this time her tone one of defeat. “I—popsicles!”

“What’s happening? What’s wrong?” Cherry demanded at the awed note in her friend’s voice. “Liza, talk to me.”

The next second, Liza screamed. The screech of metal against metal squealed down the phone line. Alarm roared through Cherry, a burst of adrenaline, and her pulse raced in a gallop.

“Liza? What’s happening? Liza!”

Their call cut off without warning, and through her panic, Cherry saw spots in front of her eyes. She disconnected to still the beep-beep-beep of her phone and redialed Liza.

Nothing happened.

The phone rang and rang and rang.

Liza didn’t answer.

Cherry gripped her phone, staring at the screen and willing it to sing in her Robin Hood ringtone. A businessman wove through her store seating area and placed a bestselling novel and a self-help book on the counter. She rang up the sale and sent the customer on his way with a forced smile.

Cherry locked the door of her bookstore and flipped the open sign to closed. That done, she darted to her phone and called Rena, Liza’s half-sister.

“What’s up?” Rena asked, her mind obviously elsewhere.

“Liza! I was talking to her. She screamed, and it sounded as if she crashed. I tried calling, but the phone is dead on her end.”

“Where was she?” Rena sounded more alert.

“Heading back from her last dragon interview. She drove the coast road to enjoy the sun and sea breeze.”

“Call emergency services while I collect Joanna from school.” Rena snapped out instructions in her usual take-charge way.

“What about Tony?”

“I spoke with the headmistress. She’s watching Joanna until I arrive. The headmistress told me to park in the rear staff car park.”

“All right. Bring Joanna here. If Tony is pissed, he’ll loiter at Liza’s cottage. He won’t come here straightaway, and by that time, we might’ve heard from Liza.”

“Have a pot of tea waiting,” Rena ordered. “I’m not sleeping well. Weird dreams.”

“You can tell me when you get here,” Cherry said. “I’ll ring Liza again before I contact the cops.”

Cherry disconnected, and her hand shook as she tried Liza’s phone. Nothing. Someone knocked on the door, but Cherry ignored her prospective customer and rang emergency services, a coldness prickling across her skin and tears smarting her eyes.

“It’s my friend,” she said. “She’s had an accident.”