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Protecting the Bride

Protecting the Bride by Shelley Munro


August 17, 2021

Military Men, Book 7

The wedding is off!

Curvy baker, Grace, kicks out her cheating fiancé two days before the nuptials. Unfortunately, her dream honeymoon is nonrefundable. She hates the idea of vacationing alone, but Cullen, her neighbor, suggests an alternative.

Military man, Cullen, has wanted Grace for years. During this furlough, he intends to move forward with his romantic plans. He’s devastated to learn of Grace’s impending marriage, then ecstatic on learning the wedding is off. Cullen seizes his chance, determined to woo the gorgeous Grace to his way of thinking.

The only problem is danger follows Grace on her fake honeymoon. While the military hottie is busy with seductive maneuvers, a menace arrives with his lady in their sights. It’s time for this alpha hero to do his thing and protect the bride.

You’ll love this friends-to-lovers romance because it contains a curvy jilted bride, the soldier from next door, a fake honeymoon, and lots of whipped cream and ketchup. Make of that what you will!