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November 21st, 2012
A Visit to the Barcelona Market

I love markets. The vibrant colors. The different products. The scents and the whole tactile experience. The little samples stallholders hand out. The freshness of it all.

Barcelona has a brilliant market, just off La Rambla, the wide thoroughfare in the central city. In the mornings, it’s the domain of locals who stop by to fill their shopping carts with fresh produce or who linger at one of the stalls serving coffee and food. During the afternoon the market teams with tourists. It’s the time for snacks of fresh fruit, tapas, and lots of visitors, like me, take photos.

Barcelona Market

Barcelona Market

Barcelona Market

Barcelona Market

Barcelona Market

Do you like markets too? Do you have a favorite?

12 comments to “A Visit to the Barcelona Market”

  1. I visited my first market 13 years ago in Korea. I was in shock because I was used to seeing meat processed and packaged. It’s so colorful.

  2. LOL there were a few meat stalls I only glanced at. This market was very clean and there were no smells, but I have visited a few smelly ones in my time. I remember a market in Pakistan where the heads of animals sat in front so everyone knew what sort of meat was on sale. Very practical and clever but a bit much for this vegetarian!

  3. Oh, my gosh, that looks awesome!

    I love the markets. The smells, the foods, the chatter. It’s like entering another world far from our ordered lives.

  4. It is like entering a different world. All the shouts from people to attract customers are fun too, especially since I don’t speak Spanish.

  5. Love the pics…The second last pic, are those eyes?

  6. They are indeed eyes. I shiver each time I see that picture!

  7. I don’t get to frequent a market such as the one displayed in full vibrant life and color shown in your pics. I imagine it must be a wonderful experience the first time around.

  8. I’d love to live near a market like this and buy fresh produce every day. There’s nothing better than fresh!

  9. I love markets. Nothing beats talking to the people who grew/made the food.

  10. The stall owners are so passionate about their products. I like that.

  11. Not sure I would eat some of that…lol But some looked really good. We have a great farmers market here every weekend.

  12. Yes, those eyes did me in. I’ve no idea what someone would cook with that! You’re lucky you have a nearby market. I wish we did.