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May 29th, 2014
Thirteen Strange Allergies


Many of our discussions this week have centered around allergies since our poor puppy has been very miserable with a mystery allergy.

I thought allergies would make a good topic for my TT this week.

Thirteen Strange Allergies

1. Money allergy – some people are allergic to the nickel in coins.

2. Vibration allergy – in some people the body mistakes the vibrations as an attack and the immune system responds with skin irritation, welts and rashes.

3. Mobile phones – can either be due to the nickel content or the low levels of radiation and microwaves.

4. Deodorant – sensitivity to the perfumes or other ingredients.

5. Water – experts believe those who are allergic, react to the additives in the water.

6. Shoes – some people react to the glue or resins or cement used to manufacture the shoes.

7. Underwear – some people are allergic to the fabric or elastic.

8. Kissing – kisses are okay, but if the person you are kissing has consumed something you’re allergic to there might be problems. A young Canadian girl died after kissing her boyfriend. The boyfriend had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

9. Sex – severe reaction to male ejaculate is possible in some cases.

10. Hormones – estrogen and progesterone can cause allergic reactions in some women. The immune system mistakes these hormones as bad and attacks as a result.

11. Heat – some people break out in welts and swelling after taking a shower or becoming too hot with excess clothes.

12. Cold – severe cold can cause itching and welts. Sufferers need to keep warm.

13. Computers – some people are sensitive to electromagnetic sources while others react to emissions from plastic casings.

I’m very lucky. I don’t seem to have any allergies apart from getting a slight runny nose when I go outside. It seems to invite every bug in the vicinity to fly into my mouth, but I can deal with that Open-mouthed smile

Do you suffer from any allergies?

Source: Online Nurse Practitioner

26 comments to “Thirteen Strange Allergies”

  1. Fascinating I never had an allergy until this year break down in immune system a lot bothers me now

  2. I’m sorry to hear that, Kezzela. That doesn’t sound like much fun.

  3. Pollen has been kicking my butt for weeks now. Yesterday was a good day, today not so much. At end of summer it will be ragweed. Perfume is also a big trigger for me, with floral scents among the worst. My T13: Spelling Bee

  4. Spring isn’t a fun time for lots of people. The perfume thing must be difficult because so many products are scented these days.

  5. The perfume allergy can definitely make life difficult. I seem to do better with fruit scents, though that’s no guarantee, either. Some citrus scents can be overpowering, while others are fine. Thankfully, there are a variety of scent-free detergents these days. That certainly helps.

  6. It is much easier to get non-perfumed products these days. While I don’t have a problem, we wash all of puppy’s blankets with a non-perfumed powder.

  7. I have always had allergies and react badly to many things in the environment – perfumes, cigarettes, pollen of all types (grass, trees), animals, birds, lots of foods including black pepper, strawberries, and yeast, and many other things. Everything in my house is unscented and we use two air purifiers to keep my allergies under control.

  8. It’s often difficult to get a handle on exactly what the culprits are too. :(

  9. I can’t imagine having one of those rarer allergies–especially to something like water.

    I used to be allergy-free until one year when I had a severe poison ivy reaction. Even though I got over it, I was never able to eat mangoes again–the edible relative of poison ivy.

  10. It’s weird that the allergy started so suddenly, Maria. At least you were able to isolate the problem fairly quickly.

  11. Whew that would make life difficult. I have a flower allergy and some kind of contact allergy but no idea on it. But if I carry something in my arms for example (like holding a box of cereal while shopping or looping a bag over my arm) I’ll break out in welts almost instantly. Doesn’t hurt or anything and usually is gone within an hour but kinda scary looking.

  12. A contact allergy would be difficult, Anna, since typically we carry things everywhere.

  13. I believe I’m allergic to the word “shard,” but only when it appears in poetry (ie: I get no reaction when I read about shards of pottery in an article about natural history or archeology, but I break out in a rash when a poet writes something like, “I walk into the sunset, my heart in shards.”

    I have the same reaction with the word “upon.” Ex: “Dead leaves lay upon the ground” Ick.

  14. LOL Ron, I’m not fond of the word upon either.

  15. Bugs in your mouth…ew..eew lol

    I have seasonal allergies and found out years ago that I’m allergic to Ragweed and Mulberry. I take Afrin nasal spray for them and it works pretty well. But I also have a strange allergy to raw shrimp. if I touch or try to peel raw shrimp without wearing latex gloves I break out in blisters all over my hands.

    But after the shrimp are cooked, I can eat and handle them just fine. No allergic reaction at all to cooked shrimp.

  16. Mary! I have the same thing. You’re only the second other person I’ve heard of that has the problem. Shrimp is one of my favorite foods, but I now have to make sure someone is around who can prepare them.

  17. It’s good that you can both eat the shrimps. You definitely need someone handy to do the peeling for you. I usually get hubby to peel shrimps/prawns for me.

  18. Yikes!


    My TT is at

  19. And I thought my allergies were bad. What a terrifying list.

  20. It is terrifying. I’m never going to complain about a runny nose or bugs again.

  21. Wow! That vibration allergy is crazy! I had no idea.

  22. I bet you can guess where my mind went first ;)

  23. I learnt about some new allergies today, thanks Shelley!

  24. I feel sorry for the poor people who suffer from these allergies.

  25. I’m allergic to a lot of stuff, but I’m extremely grateful not to be allergic to #9.

  26. Yes, that would be a problem! The water one too.