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Thirteen Quotes About Bodies, Weight and Exercise

Body image is constantly in our media and front and center. Here are some interesting quotes about body image, weight and exercise. 1. I would rather be called funny than pretty. ~ Nia Vardalos 2. Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a...

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13 Quotes About Success

Most people would like to enjoy success. Here are some inspiring quotes to set you on your way… Thirteen Quotes About Success 1. There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” ~ Carrie Fisher 2. Anybody who’s really...

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13 Random Travel/History Facts from Britain

Recently, I’ve been reading editions of Britain, one of my favorite travel magazines. It’s full of articles about different places in Britain and covers heritage, culture and various happenings in the UK. It’s a great magazine to read when planning a visit, which is...

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Seized and Seduced: That Graphic Enough for You?

This week I’m spotlighting my latest release, Seized & Seduced, which is book three in my House of the Cat series, but it can be read as a stand alone. Seized & Seduced is a mmf paranormal romance. “She looks like a warrior,” Lynx said. Shiloh silently agreed as...

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Wild Child–Unrequited Love

This week’s theme for My Sexy Saturday is A Long Sexy Time and it’s all about those who have loved another for a long time. This love could have started when they were kids, when they were dating or even from afar. The point is that one character has loved the other...

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Maybe Tomorrow: Sea of Change – a shifter romance

The theme is week is “Our Sexy Tomorrow”. I immediately thought of Sea of Change, my latest release. When Asia sees Roman Anderson across a crowded room she is stunned. He comes from an enemy tribe of orca shifters, but he doesn’t recognize her. When he asks her out...

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Sea of Change: 13 Facts About Killer Whales

This week, my latest book went live at most online retailers. Sea of Change is a paranormal shifter romance featuring orcas. Thirteen Facts About Killer Whales 1. The killer whale is also known as an orca. 2. They are a toothed whale and are actually the largest...

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Janaya: An Alien Encounter

We all know that love happens and we want to know all about those special moments where those entities realize there is an emotional bond between one another. It can happen on an average day, during the night, in the middle of a zombie invasion or maybe a place where...

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Addicted to Cimmaron: Tamaki from Stranded & Seduced

Our theme is My Sexy Addiction. We are addicted to love and all its many facets. Our sexiness can happen anywhere, anytime, day or night. People fall in love in many different ways. It could be on a date, at a school dance, on a hike, with the boy or girl next door,...

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