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November 12, 2015

13 Places to Visit in Sydney, Australia

Thursday Thirteen

We recently spent the weekend in Sydney. It’s a fun place to visit with lots to do. Here are thirteen suggestions of places to see while visiting Sydney.

1. The Sydney Opera House – do a tour or go and see a show.

Sydney Opera House

2. The Sydney Harbor bridge – walk over it, climb on top of it or climb the pylons for an excellent view.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

3. Catch the ferry over to Manly and Manly beach.

4. Catch the ferry to the zoo. The giraffes have the best view in town!


5. Visit Bondi Beach – world renowned surf beach.

Bondi Beach

6. Go to Darling Harbor, have a meal at one of the many restaurants and people watch.

7. Take a walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, 30 hectares of peaceful gardens and areas to walk.

8. Visit the Rocks area with its convict history.

9. Walk around the harbor promenade. People watch, stop to listen to the Aboriginal music and stop and have a coffee or a drink.

10. Catch a ferry up the Parramatta River to historical Parramatta.

Parramatta River

11. Visit Cockatoo Island, the largest island in the harbor. It was an Aboriginal fishing spot and later a prison to house convicts from Norfolk Island.

12. Visit Luna Park, a 1930s amusement park.

13. Hit the museums and art galleries and learn about the First Fleet, the sea history and the Aboriginal art.

Which place would you like to visit first?


  1. Heather L

    Some day… Thanks for visiting my T13!

    • Shelley Munro

      It’s a great place to visit, Heather.

  2. Mary Kirkland

    I love beaches so I’d probably visit the beach first.

    • Shelley Munro

      They have some beautiful beaches in and around Sydney. Lots of choice.


    The opera house is like the Eiffel Tower in France, famous and recognizable. My son was in Tasmania last year.

    • Shelley Munro

      The harbor bridge too. The Sydney harbor is a great place to while away some time.

  4. CountryDew

    I would like to go to the botanical gardens first. My aunt is currently in Australia for work. I hope she manages to do some of these tourist activities.

    • Shelley Munro

      I hope she enjoys her visit. The Botanic gardens are beautiful. It’s nice seeing green areas right in the city.